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Jefferson Renee Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler and Leslie Odom junior as Aaron Burr the film the version is directed by the show's director Tommy Kael who said we're thrilled for fans of the show ended new audiences across the world to experience what it was like on stage and in the audience the groundbreaking biographical hip hop show about the life of treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton is one eleven Tony awards and made numerous Taurus the European union's rejected president trump's proposal for securing peace in the Middle East and as AP correspondent Charles Taylor does my reports it's also expressing concern about Israel's plans to annex more Palestinian land in a statement E. U. foreign policy chief chose appareil underline the books commitment to a two state solution for the region bass along nineteen sixty seven lines with the possibility of mutually agreed land swaps made up of the state of Israel and he says an independent democratic contiguous sovereign and viable state of Palestine the president's plan unveiled last week with full see the eventual creation of a Palestine state but it falls far short of minimal Palestinian the moms and it would leave sizeable chunks of the occupied west bank in Israeli hands I'm Charles de Ledesma the director of the U. S. mint is giving the keynote address at the one hundred fiftieth anniversary celebration of the Carson city mint the men inside what's now the Nevada state museum began producing coins from the silver and gold or of the nearby Comstock lode on February fourth eighteen seventy U. S. director David Ryder joins governor Steve says a lack and others in the ceremonial striking of US special sauce with Daniel silver medallion on the historic coin press number one it's the original press used to produce the first coins bearing the CC mintmark I'm Tim acquire early exit from the speech of president trouble uses state of.

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