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Going to have to do again. And that is without land Bacelona at the back of the net thought peers g was difficult. This is going to be even hard. When you think about that game in real terms, you think but cater the fueled by with sloppy pasta, gifted, look, then you think it before with the rash would strike is good astray strike. It was from Russia. He threw into the nave. Right. So you're you're against the Aibo straightaway. If you're g and nights haven't had to do. And I finally hit the end which That was was something. something that was a pain but failed in the love you ask a sale as that going happen. Again, the count knew nothing the probable answer is no can they put the hot behind. What was a woeful almost dreadful performance against West Ham won the ultimate victory out of does matter. This is this toll not that one game. They had he previously had won four of the previous five. And this was just one of those days. We can maybe say well, the looking ahead to the boss alone again. But if I says for the last six seven games tissue aided of been extremely poor regardless of who the opposition is so they can all of a sudden just flicker switch and all of a sudden they're going to be at the best. And then there are we at Barcelona. I mean, the the the reason the older what they are with the bookies is because that's the wrong edge. You should memorabilia main. I forgot the default. Yes. That one point. Yeah. So that was huge momentum. Swing and fairplay. But then they asked that coming out the balloon a little as mentioned before the prematurely gave him the job in my opinion. No, all of a sudden, the bucket sakes. The chasing a tail again is Stevie said the played whale. And you'd expect a team that has been dominated recently by waffled and West Ham home to go to the company being behind ready on a result. Honestly, I it's not impossible. But it's improbable. Oh, and by the way, boss loan of thirty games, unbeaten at home in the Champions League bind in the twenty thirteen semi's. The last team to go there and win the other semifinal evenly poise. I accident Ventas one one after the first leg in Amsterdam as you can see event is still prohibitive favorites the second like at home. I want you to to one outside when you look at what they've done away from home in the gym is the, of course, the full one win the Bernabeu also went to Ben fica, and to by Munich one one draws this is this is this game could be over before the bulk because of the Yonne for ax is not for this team has no chance of being United every single thing. This team does goose through the young. And if he's not on the field. I really don't know how they want limped off on Saturday. Well, let's say a little bit. I don't know the sandy mate. Buffet. Yeah. Some of the the came off after twenty eight minutes over the pressure. Release us any might lessen their issue as fighting tooth and nail with PSV for the title in hall in building the differences goal difference. You've got you've got Seri I wrapped up. So they've only got one focused now and as Champions League exit fighting on a couple of fronts. I expect equal three because of an experience on the quality. But that experience and the way they can back against Latino Las game was was amazing. Of course, your mind trick you always tell us up. But this is a good show in the fit will because it's a really good dioxide good to watch. Yep. Prepared to play and stay will become accustomed to them in. This says for years and the Stevie mentioned and Dion who's gonna boscell. Now, we have a wonderful young talent and tied that she's well timed inches guy. It was a good planet out. But we we saw the Bill the Bill, and he looked million dollars young has travel with the scope it remains in doubt. You. I'll be apprised don't will. Because it's one of those situations. You will take a gamble and such a big game. If you coach will probably start the game. But the Cianci's in my opinion of him lasting. It's we we described as a muscular injury the other side of the coin event.

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