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What a six by seven care august cara que this is together to be joe at seven thirty four less than half an hour way or so from this week's bachelor report rough and petreus breakdown last night's episode last night you washed it kevin it was young he it was the the hometown visits right yeah it and get the need all the crazy parents involved on nick is such a zero yup mentioned that wanna loser you're not impressed by match loser where they'll be a couple of just after the eight o'clock first though is anyone concerned or is this business as usual to have a russian spicy ship just thirty miles off the coast of the eastern united states i feel like it happens every year but now it it's just more in the news because it's you know rush what i'm a up to type of thing but russia in the news a lot wait it's for that are concerning this is the other victor lee enough is the name of the ship it is it was off the coast of connecticut and and present trump was asked about it in his press coverage last week and he just kept it not good not good not good not good over over get willett has now moved it is now off the coast of for jimmy now apparently international waters is everything past twelve mile so it's legal that it's there and they think it is they're doing some surveillance somewhat us nabi is up to but i don't love it no i'm not i'm not the crazy done but we thought we might find out more about we asked even you're not gonna bleed this but he said it was actually possible for if the get somebody on board to get to lead off and i think we have the captain of the ship it is your read calling had that got cut cough on the fun right now sam i got we've done beautifully about the main thing you're a team spot on the think at some lending.

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