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Fashioned trans revolves around the things that were harmful or gross or even deadly from like arsenic died dresses to the glowing radium cosmetics but there were some fashion trends that were designed for protection which of these eighteenth century trends is Israel number one during the eighteenth century powdered wigs and the miasma theory of disease basically that bad air spread plagues were all the rage in Europe so if you weren't hairy enough it was fashionable to wear fake beards fake chester and even armpit hair scented with perfume and herbs to stay healthy so while I just like glue ooh hair into my armpits are attaching it yeah because you used your hair to keep the good smelling stuff around you yeah you keep out the bad air. Keep my hair enough to hold onto. That good smells that I put on anymore. Hair stinky cloudy going to smell your armpit number two largely because of Ben Franklin's experiments people were interested in lightning rods and electricity atrocity so lightning rod fashion was the thing to prison tech against Aaron Thunderbolts with Rod on top of umbrellas or hats and chains that dropped down to the ground and dragged behind the person going pokey hats so just go right through you. I don't know how this stuff works. I don't think it would work okay for Kirti or number. Three as duelling pistols became more popular nobility was looking for more ways to protect themselves and multi layered silk. Even though it was expensive I found a significantly slow down bullets so for the very wealthy fix silk Capes became fashionable for their appearance and shielding properties so like game in fact one man foof hide locate my Silk Cape. That's bath so the three factory had one perfumed fake hair was used to keep the good air close to lightning rod fashion had accessories like spikes on hats and umbrellas and chains on the ground and three multi layered Silk Capes significantly slowed down dueling bullets the fact that is true so exciting dumb Tom that all of this stuff it sounds so real. The lightning one seems less the least real to me because I don't think that they knew enough to know that dragging a chain it could put like to even have that fake idea. The thing that makes it real to me is that it's hat or umbrella if it was just hats I'd be like that's funny fund that series having but then it was like but also umbrella and I'm like out now. Does anybody know what do lightning Rhonda's do. I thought they attracted lightning. So you WANNA put them on a place where the lightning will go to you yes. That's what I thought too. Rods do attract the lightning like pinpoint it right right so I can convince other more delicate things. I should not be hit by lightning right. I feel like I would have heard about perfumed chest hairs and I guess so if you've got perfumed armpit hair though like nobody sees it like it's not like they're wearing tank tops. Oh No no if you're wearing fake chest hair. You've got one one of these like V neck blows and it's open chest hairs hanging right here on the cover of a romance novel for the last Song. I'm definitely going with the Cape's. You're part of me is like no way no. I don't care how many layers of sell guns gun John Sucked. That was my thought too. Slow bullets crawling on an air boy. I have nothing I'm GonNa go with perfumed perfumed armpit hair. Am To oh no okay. Sam's going with the Cape's lightning round. Oh aw that was very good lightning or I don't WanNa see pictures shares. It was in seventeen seventy eight lightning rod fashioned became a thing of Harrison. Ben Franklin was a francophile think go over bragging. I can do some bragging about his lightning rod experiments and then for some reason people started adopting it for their houses to protect them from lightning production but then also in their clothes roads because they're like this is wacky and fun fun enough. I get an a dual that I could wit my trainer run smack DAB with my lightning whole yeah hats were the biggest thing where it was a woven metal ribbon around the hat and a small chain or cord of silver with like drop down to the ground still in ground lightning so hypothetically it would strike and a half and then grounded go through your body which with this work has anyone ever tested this. I'm no idea would it seems to me is like Wacky and fun in anybody wearing it would be like in Paris where they're all. The buildings were way taller than them getting hit by lightning. I really liked this quote from a newspaper article thus arrayed the granddaughter of Franklin's time. Not only considered herself in the height of fashion but she also deemed herself proof against thunderbolts. Yeah you have all the power. I want to have that level of EGO. We're their realities to the fake thing go. Yes there grains of truth for the fake hair once the miasma theory of disease was really big around that time and that's why those plague doctor asks knit looked like Diane birds they would put Potpourri of herbs are good smelling things in the beak of those masks because they thought good air would help keep them healthy and after after the germ theory of disease became more widespread it became fashionable for people to shave their beards because then medical professionals advised like Oh actually these beards that you're growing to maybe protect yourself a matter or just look fancy probably harbor a lot of bacteria so like get rid of them right. If you WANNA be don't increase the surface area of your face and then we've got multi-layered Silk Capes. Oh the silk yes. This is actually really really interesting. There's a man uncalled. Dr Goodfellow who in the late eighteen hundreds he became a leading authority on gunshot wounds because he saw so many treated so many published one case report with several different patients because he had found that silk stops a bullet not completely but one person got shot in the chest and one one of the bullets went partially through a silk handkerchief and so even though it like entered his body the silk didn't rip like post silk into their body and end someone who was shot with a shotgun and had a silk kerchief around their neck that the kerchief was enough to stop some of the scattershot so it didn't like penetrate and so this doctor was like silk there is some power in it and that led to the development of early bulletproof vests out of layers of silk with some metal inside us like often often proof vests which was really interesting but never did capes and this was like later than the eighteenth century a vision to do yes capes keeps were not in fashion and it was never they were never used for drilling also the silk bulletproof vests that were developed were way too expensive for any common folk to afford them so they were never widely used by the military or anything and then pretty soon after. Kevlar wasn't Benton used by people who are doing I was doing not really rounding was phasing out food on yeah. I get it that Moore Lake St Murder Legal Streamers yeah good good ten half that next going to take a short break and then it will be time for the fact off aw I'm Clemmie Button Hill and I'm here to tell you about the open as project the new podcast from WNYC studios in wwco exile in which people share stories about the classical music that gets them through their lives. People like to send Mendez Musicians Gianbattista and Wynton Marsalis Koya girlfriends. I mean not so and our very own Alec Baldwin. It's taught mix tape pot sonic. Love letter cannot daily musical journey and other human lives. Listen for free. Wherever you get your podcast and sign up avenues protect the hello welcome Quebec Hank book totals are got nothing? Sam's got nothing seven's got one in aries pulling into the lead not just as episode but overall and in in our hearts with three and our heart. I got that lightning rod money. Make myself a nice hat oh don't do. It's been very stormy this and there aren't that many tall buildings you will be lightning I just want to I want a big six foot long chain hanging off me all the time. It could come in handy. You probably did as a teen gene. I Ha I did have Jane. Dad have a wallet James. While I was crazy pretentious now now it's time for the factor or two panelists have brought science facts to present to the others in an attempt to blow their minds the present easy of a Hank Buck to award to the fact that they like the most host but if you hate both facts you could just burn it. Throw it into our fire here that we keep in the middle of the studio and to decide who goes first who is the person who most recently bought a clothing clothing on Tuesday I do not I have not bought a clothing for a while in Tuesday a bunch of shirts parts you go t shirt shopping on Tuesday no and every Tuesday did would you wanna come with me if I did that. When we go to the mall you two voiced go to the mall ferry. I listen to music together. I think I most recently bought clothes at Bitcoin because I bought a bunch of youtuber shirts. Am Not bothering US then. Do you buy clothes very very often. No no no say it's unusual. Maybe like at the beginning of every new season. I'll buy some stuff just 'cause. I'm like every season not every season. I'm sorry Oh good traditional fashion seasons of traditional so I guess Sam you're GonNa go. I the French Tuck Chunky sneakers man. Buns bell-bottoms fashion trends have been coming and going on coming back again for the entirety of human history but surely humans are the only animals software aware enough to spend so much energy on something as like frivolous kind of and basically arbitrary US fashion right well in two thousand ten researchers researchers in Zambia observed a chimpanzee named Julie Walking around with a big piece of grass sticking out of every year and then over the then they watched the group she was with a group of eleven monkeys including her over the next year and they thought at seven more of them started to look at her ear because she just kept doing it so they would look at her ear and then eventually they all started putting Straw or like grass in their years too and they would pick out the perfect piece of grass ask and they would like position it in their ear straight and then they would just go about their day with this with this grass sticking out of their ear and then even after Julie's death the ones that learn how to do it from her taught the baby chimpanzee is how to put in their year and look cool too and the researchers looked at chimpanzee groups in the same area and none of them had grass in their ear configure out any like medical thing it would be year anything like that so they deduce basically that it was the first time that what is effectively fashion trend was observed in a non human animal. That's all I guess sticking straight out like I read that they think that it happened to her accidentally it and maybe she liked it so she kept doing it because it like maybe felt good and Itchy ears wrong and then other chimps chimpanzees win learn from her. We'll put a picture of Julia. Show tangents dot Org Philip Cute Right. Yeah sure why not It doesn't look particularly comfortable label. It looks bad. I was trying to find other animals that do like fashion or clothing or something like that and it's all basically there's birds stay in their feathers and that is purely purely for mating and like all birds doing or like crabs that will stick stuff on their backs to hide but that's just for survival all cabs but this is the first first one is not like genetically imprinted or however. Those instincts were exist like hey. What about this on a related note somewhat okay..

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