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Eight Hanna Barbera cartoon with the fictional rock band the banana split patrol question three nineteen eighty five prince's first single off though around the world and the album raspberry beret second again nineteen sixty eight Hanna Barbera cartoon with the fictional rock band called the banana splits the name of the car to yeah sure okay review the answers really quick your question number one two thousand eight Seth Rogan James Franco stoner buddy movie Donna at first didn't know Stacy helped at the end and they said pineapple express Steve also said pineapple express in your both correct yeah Napol express okay question number two nineteen sixty eight Hanna Barbera cartoon the fictional rock band with the call the banana splits donis said Josie and the Pussycats Steve said fruit patrol for sugar free patrol the answer is a bananas I never heard of him yeah either lives in Donna we're both fans of Hanna Barbera all big fans big fan okay question number three princes first single off the around the world in a day album Donna said raspberry beret Steve also says raspberry beret that is correct now just now okay so it's down to a tie breaker here do you see Stacey has to be quiet right got it yes he starts to be quiet but whoever in thanks Stacey okay here we go name this song not the artist the song.

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