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While welcome to the show. He's listed on the line right now. Laid out a story about how this guy helped me way back in the days. I can't remember i believe it was a spot show sometimes sometimes in about one thousand nine hundred ninety. I've been in business for about man no longer than six months and i've been going around the loop and memphis was that was u._s. W territory it was a weekly territory. We work the same town every single week and then we'd swap out on a spot show every thursday so we'll never knew where thursday was going to me me and one particular night. I noticed that i was going to be working with nightmare. Danny davis at the time daddy administering for ten fifteen years he was an established nablus veteran a hell of a damn worker and a guy that i was just going to be all ears at night and listen to and when i used to drive to the matches i'd always think about what i wanted wanted to do because even at a very early age because i don't hear very well i was calling the bulk of my matches but since working with an established veteran like danny this is greet my turn to just sit back and listen and learn to a bad ass worker so we'll get to the building and i walked over to. Danny and i said hey danny i said what do you want to do. He goes. I don't know if you call it and i told daddy i said man. I said i was looking forward to working with and learn from you and daddy told me out say what you can do. You'll be glad if you get into a jam out there. I'll help you out and so that was a guy who'd been working for as low as you had that. I put his trust and confidence in me. Let me test the waters against a vet like that and it was a true class act and i've always appreciated any for that and we had some great great matches and that's who i'm talking today on the podcast daddy how you doing. I'm doing real good and <hes> you know likes introduction. You know it really amazes me that with everything that you have accomplished in the wrestling slash sports entertainment industry that you remember that now that that touches my heart that that you remember that you told was as accurate as it was because it was it was exactly how it unfolded but i'll tell you what we ended ended up having a great match and there there was one thing is i was i had a spot was a transition type thing and i wanted to me start ornoff being in motion and then i wanted you end up being in motion and man i told you kind of the dilemma that i was in. You said well he'll go ahead and just call your highest spot. Then i'll go for backdrop just grabbed me. Send me and i'll be the guy in motion and it was problem solved in about three seconds so little bitty things like that. <hes> that always made made the difference and one of the story. I'll share real quickly when we are working enough somewhere one of those little towns in tennessee as you remember so often danny after the <hes> all the matches had been done. There was another main event a grant for the green. That was a battle just something to give the people another match because we needed another match and there were so many damn roles and you always famous for your chops and so anyway back danny in the corner not chopped in three times and my chops ain't shit so i said spin me round and of course when i said it's been me around i meant that was time for me to take some chops from danny davis well. Here's here's the thing daddy was always being one of the hardest shoppers in the history of the pro wrestler business. I don't know what you got for hands. Danny fill like damn leather or bricks..

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