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Jack Harris back tomorrow, Erin, Natalie and Katie and the Rays. They're going to have to push it if they want to continue in the world. Siri's when they play the Dodgers tomorrow in Game six off today after their lost tomorrow, joining us now on the hotline. With Ronnie and T Crash Show on 6 20 w D a 95 3 f them, Ronnie Lane. Good morning, Ronnie. How are you? Good morning, Erin, Natalie and Katie. And, yeah, the Rays are pushed to the brink. As we like to say. Sometimes you've gotta win, obviously tomorrow night to force a game seven and they've gotta win two games in a row against their very, very tough. Ellie, Dodgers team and class neurologist has not been effective this postseason for the race yet. They are two wins away from a world championship. So you you know, you have to kind of look at the other side of the pillow here, Ronnie. I want to say it's a team of destiny because some of the ways in which they have one perfect example. Saturday night coming from behind against a Dodger team that's a powerhouse had the lead on you. The Rays have to score runs to win against a team like the Dodgers. They come back and have a virtual no name for a lot of people. Brett Phillips, who's basically been a pinch runner, a defensive replacement, He's Kevin Cash, the manager of the race was essentially stuck with him with only one other guy on the bench in the bottom of the ninth. He had that he had to hit Brett Phillips, and he was probably even thinking to himself manager Cash. Won't know We're in trouble here. That magical moment of Phillips getting the base, hit them scoring run and winning a rose arena. Funny of falling and still scoring and winning. It seems like they're a team of destiny, but they might just be going up against the team That's too good in the Dodgers. Yeah, The doctors are really, really good and they're gonna throw. You know what? I'm not even sure who they're pitching on. Tomorrow night, But I know the Rays going Blake Snell and then the Rays will have Mr Morton ready to go at a disappointing performance and game number three. So if they could just get it to a game seven, Aaron I feel pretty good about their chances, even though the Dodgers will be throwing one of their better pitchers in Game seven. If he doesn't go in Game six, I haven't heard who they're going to start tomorrow night, so That's going to be interest. They're going to go without looking at it now, Ronnie and just seeing her for the first time, Tony Gonsouland, the guy who came in and pitched the guy likes cats. The cat guy. Yeah, we'll see. The Rays have a chance against that guy. So I think they can force a game seven. If you force a game seven. Anything can happen, man. So I'm looking forward to it. But you're right about Brett Phillips, The pride of Seminole High School. You didn't know who he wass. You know from earlier I think he had a dance competition with Randy arose Arena after a big win earlier in the playoffs. Now everyone knows who Red Phillips is. After what happened on Saturday night. I'm still riding high from that there. That was crazy. It was tough. I I was riding high, too, but I wanted that toe. You know that moment, um, to build toe where they could take a lead going into the Monday in the series, which would have incredible considering there were like you mentioned on the brink of going down 31 now on the brink of losing it all. Natalie, who's working behind the glass right now wasn't paying attention to the conversation at all diligently working, and she heard Tony Gonzalez, the cat guy and she likes jumped up, ready to join the conversation. Why are you here for cats going, Ronnie? The Bucks keep going on with some wins Big win yesterday for the bucks over the Vegas Raiders over Jon Gruden in Vegas. Yeah. Our guy Tom Brady had himself today was responsible for five touchdowns, four touchdown passes. He completed passes tonight different receivers. He continues to excel on the offensive side. And the defense of the Buccaneers continues. I don't know if it's still going to be the number one defense in the NFL. I think it will be because Pittsburgh has trouble with Tennessee yesterday in those two defenses are pretty close together, but it doesn't matter. They got themselves another way. They approved two and two on the road, and they have the New York Football Giants a week from tonight. In New York. So let's hope they're not complacent in that game, because, as you know, on any given, I guess Monday night Now any team can be beaten. But I think the bucks are way too good to be big by the Giants will just see how they practices We can, of course. Antonio Brown's coming to town. I'm not a big fan, but what the hell Yeah, the troubled wide receiver, But what Tom Brady wants Tom Brady gets, and I think we're all understanding Why, Ronnie? He is everything Bucks fans could have ever hoped for, and more. I believe 14 touchdowns for interceptions and the one big issue with Jamis Winston, who I really, really like Jamis. Winston is he turned the ball over a ton, and we're not seeing that from Tom Brady. Aside from really one game that stood out Yeah, And we didn't think we could see that from Tom Brady anyway, but, yeah, You know, I was Jamis fan, too. But you just can't put up with all those turnovers and hopefully, if he gets his opportunity again, he will eliminate some of those turnovers because I think he could become a star quarterback in this league. His show starts in about 15 minutes. Down the hall on 95. Www DEA and Am 6 20, Ronnie and T Crash Show he is Ronnie Lane. Ronnie have a great show. Thanks for joining us today. All right. Take care guys. It is 5 45 on AM Tampa Bay when in the six o'clock hour, we're going to talk with Frank Orlando from ST Leo about some of the polls there examining the trust in police officers. We'll get to that haven't spoken with Frank in awhile, but first, let's see what's making news now with Chris Trackman. After the first week of early voting, the presidential race in Florida appears to be tightening. Democrats had a higher turnout in mail and voting. But since in person voting began last Monday, Republican turnout has cut into the lead by 21%. Close to five million votes have been cast by the weekend, and Democrats made up 43% of those voters. While Republicans made up 36%. The remaining 21% of votes were cast by nonaffiliated voters..

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