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Seventeen. From my Tusa straight. A is not identified the controller or said what caused her incapacitation air, traffic control of recordings from live ATC dot net. Show pilots having trouble understanding, the controllers directions and talking among themselves. Wondering what the heck was wrong. Wins. News time eleven fifty six. Now, Bloomberg money watch been in a dollar store lately. Welcome home to the convenience of your neighborhood, Dollar General Dollar General is convenient in rural America, but in hipster enclaves, not so much. Now, the convenience store is trying to make inroads with millennials which we love to talk about because millennials are so interesting. Matthew Boyle covers retail for Bloomberg news coming in with this kind of hybrid drugstore slash convenience store concept. They're calling spoil says the urban friendly concept has shown up in places like Raleigh Nashville and Philadelphia's northern liberties neighborhood, whether the chain moves in this direction longer term remains to be seen now fifteen thousand store chain. You know, they're not moving the needle. But they see they were already identified five more locations before the end of the year, and they're gonna open fifteen next year. So this is grilling Boyle says the CEO has a goal of adding another thirteen thousand stores to that fifteen thousand total so cities will have to be. Of the mix. Bloomberg money watch at twenty six and fifty six past every hour. I'm Nathan Hager for ten ten win. My son is a millennial. I wonder if Dollar General sells a tool to help him pick up his underwear off the floor wins. News talk eleven fifty seven. And no an ad from.

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