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They even had a first down on offense thanks to the punt return turn touch shove avery williams at a fumble return touchdown and the defense just continued to dominate they they help rashad penny who had almost a thousand yards through what five games are six games going into that one fifty three yards on twenty one carries they they just manhandled the san diego state offensive line and they stop penny dead in its tracks yeah and i think the thing two credit is not only the front the front seven or eight guys who were down but really it was all levin guys because when he bounced it from the inside to the outside the guys from the outside closed to the inside he never really had a chance to ruin inside he busted warner too but for the most part the guys locked it down but the guys on the edges really played well in the run support from the freeze in the strong so it was an eleven men effort there was a place of i would go deeper than that you can only play eleven at a time yeah put their depth especially on the defensive line was a factor they were rotate guys ended up through the at least through the the front seven let's call it and they all played well they all entered the bell held san diego state of two hundred forty two yards if you take out the eighty one yard touchdown strike was one big play twel of twelve tackles for loss four sacks defense was tremendous offensively they did enough and and again we get back to that it's not sexy it's not flashy ballcontrol good run game protect the lead but but finishing strong and not leading up i thought was critical for boise state uh in in in the in this game after san diego state hit the big pass boy they answered with a score think it was a field goal at that point san diego state scores again broncos come right back with a with an extended touchdown drive where they dominated at the.

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