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Underway News time one 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s to rich hunter in the WTO traffic center All right still has a closure in the district On the key bridge between Georgetown and rosslyn traffic still being turned away in each direction as a result of a police investigation southeast Pennsylvania avenue near southern avenue on the district side of the line with prince George's county authorities are with the crash two vehicles involved and watch for police direction Now if you're traveling on the beltway and it'll stop again on the Woodrow Wilson bridge for the ongoing gate maintenance Again these stoppages have last about 15 minutes on average so hopefully you'll get moving again here very soon South L 95 in Virginia as you approach the interchange for the fairfax county Parkway crashed there were vehicles on both shoulders however the more serious part of it is on the left side so for now they've got with fire rescue two left lanes blocked two right lanes get you by but be aware there is some activity on the right shoulder there as well but once you cleared nothing else in your way as far south as Fredericksburg 95 north between Fredericksburg and the beltway and Springfield for now nothing anyway and don't forget Woodrow Wilson ridge just the inner loop of the beltway local lanes and through lanes are stopped currently at a loop from Alexandria toward oxen hill not affected rich hunter W two traffic Now to storm team four meteorologists clay Anderson As we continue to enjoy a another taste of winter across our area Canadian high pressure has moved across from Canada through the Ohio valley and continues to sit on top of the eastern seaboard.

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