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This man was it was in December, and it was snowy and very very cold sunny. This man was sending next men reception had been sent to go get Cisse's for Christmas thing. And then this man was sitting next to me, and he was asking the receptionist for towel. And I just like looked at him. What what? And then he looked at me. And he said I'm going to go and take a swim in the pool. You wanna come the house like it's the somber? And he was again. It's just. Yeah. And is like, no, I absolutely will not do that. And I was like rolling my eyes. Like what the fuck is free doing. Yeah. I gave last one players such an attitude. L good like freak. And then later opened at home. I opened a cupboard and my mom, so huge fan of associated pictures of him inside. And I was like. That man asked me to swim with him today. Swim with him. He's. Yeah. You say slowly ice take all the ice. But that's it, isn't it. I mean, there's some like I did those two at my my current acting agent. I'm done any acting. What ages, but she just keeps me on his books because she's lovely. She asked me a very interesting thing when we first met she said, I need to know what work you want to do. I need to know. What work you do when you need the money? And I need to know what work you won't do under any circumstances. And I said, I love you, please be my agent forever. Just so it's that thing, isn't it. It's arbitrary lines that we draw and we end up in these situations where we. Fifty nine per. Thank you very much. But do you think when you set it wasn't the best part of you? I don't think that's us the -sarily true. I think that's amazing that you get that. I think what would have been amazing and would have actually made some lasting change. Instead of just making me feel better would have been to go in there and say this woman has just come out and said you asked her to sing something in Indian. Do you understand why you are such dick heads for doing that? See them know why there's no point of shouting at people and running off that only. What is the point of that? I think the point is that you're not. Like going in there and just comedy explaining. I don't know. I just feel like I could have been rude to them as I couldn't go. Tickets. At least let them know. I see what you mean free love that. You was so not what you were meant to be like negative meant to be common night. Excuse me, sir. I was just wondering if perhaps you knew that by any chance he has a book that I bought for you about. No. I would just like fuck you. I guess that's the whole discussion about violence, and non violence, and aggression and nonaggression and like I think we need both. Yes, we need someone to calmly explained to them off. Yes. Why punched you fell down? I think. Yeah. New. You're absolutely right. I think it's on a continuum, isn't it? It's like, what is the what is the level of acceptable violence, and what is the level of acceptable? Like this in my new show onto the skits. I'm talking about this fact that we're all some kind of biscuit, we're just trying to be more biscuit. But generally we end up being more asked, but we don't want to be full asked. But we also want to be full biscuit. We want to be somewhere in the middle there, but slightly more biscuit than us. Right. I don't know why ever use this analogy. It's great. But it was so convincing. So yeah, I think an obviously different people's culturally. The definitions will be different individually, socially, all of those kinds of reasons. Religiously all the definitions will always be different. So we have to negotiate those. So do you think with that beautiful analogy? Where it goes from us to biscuit. The aspects good right in the middle. So do you think? So there's this who you want to be what you want to be doing. And then this who actually. Do you think you might just be on that spectrum? And that is where you are. And then is it sometimes I think what I want to say is that sometimes not better to be like, I accept that..

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