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Fix off for good but maybe a defender fender also fuck over. That's the review done was up now. We got a preview preview preview which is many any league update is a Kelly is it p p Tanto fourth. What the hell happened Ebay Steven? You're Simmons which is six points. Is the new leader this week. Congratulations Congratu Stephen. Do you want a pen or pencil. Whoever whoever is a market was no and then he went to a pin Seoul now it never went into offense? Oh God I'm pretty sure there's proven it was a pencil almost going to find it. No you gift you say. Now when aren't Margaret Thatcher fucking pencil and then give it then. He was spoken about Tehran Pencil. If someone laughed at me saying that but we didn't say we're going to send a pencil live suggested a Mug and you just completely baffled but we ain't seen in anything way maybe. At the end of the season we may send something but no one's getting anything now we should definitely create something can send it to the winner. Yeah we could do that. Yeah we'll do that so pay of say you're still white in gifts so you start to go top again. I was long way to go off the PLONKER. You obviously didn't ask again for any questions when I told you to give told me first thing in the morning but I'm half asleep trying to get get ready for work twee Al.. Does anyone have any questions. Because I was busy. I forgot they don't want to work day and forgot unless you should remind me to pop ma phone we're using do it already quit going. Oh Shit y'all do it now buffalo. Just remember next time Tom. How about that? I'll try at Leon. Collie asked two questions. I was gay more off the Plunkett question in early. Six point right million to spend on a defender already have ti indict one. Double d faint some thinking so you don't show which will leave me. One point normal to play with in the future is corruption. Well he's because what defend disease already but so I ah he's a good Paik Bar. There is is hard because he's called. He's the White Guy. Yeah but as. Hey I've ever pay PO. Oh yes so. She'll be season capers. Four put what was four point seven now to news in fucking top four defense. Yeah I mean a lot. Free Clean Sheets and Roberson at night is the mind. If you ain't got him get him he then ask. How do you deal with a darkness? Especially when set darkness have been brought on by so arkham alight Bro Colonial for F- Peo- managers on our badly starkness. We'll get it I'm I'm pretty sure. Captain Stirling saw. Oh yeah these of ruled out that does I don't know if it hurts more or less than taking money out for a hit but I could understand that her in Yanni why today were as just move onto the next week only takes one green Arrow one in Green Arrow cures all. That is the best medicine. Just focus on getting that gray narrow at golf. If Peo- shock golf with the favorable rable run of fixtures for the saints. ings is a thing Roy things right a hope so I just bought him in. And what do you think I think. Yeah good on Ya. Lichi opping Stein Wakon wake about getting delays. If you have no fiber of the injury which ought two innings in his only makes sense and I applaud you golf for gaining a lot. He should work a hope. It works out for us. Ed Law doesn't get injured. E should be scoring goals fingers crossed. We said we'd he's running fixtures as well he should be scoring for. Yes I I hope it goes. Well Gov Jason Conway which Lester midfielders jumped on Madison Taylor or bonds Lost Five game weeks quite similar title title points for one to twenty nine loss guy in weight quite similar toll points for one for a two and twenty nine and you guys is on sale shots on target attended a similar. Well this is. The issue ought having because of the uproar medicine in this week. A never ever seen T. Lamont's before fool and full gear. He's a good pick assault bonds at the beginning of four about bonds but then he seemed to be getting like subbed off Harvey Harvey Ball and lot heap hate. But he's right now older mode doing just as well as each have. A hobby bones is a great player. AMROU LA F F- Peo- asset lot get subbed around sixty. It doesn't really produced. Goal was an assist. They are starting to improve life. ooh Like they're gonNA come more but car with a proven Gar Madison. I mean someone. I'm not the biggest Madison Fan. I like food is explosive of enough for less for Soga of what now medicine is their main goal. Taylor Mons is good but you never know how it is gonNA apply. I sometimes is more advanced medicine. There's sometimes he took the are. You can't go wrong with it. I mean none of pigs are really young the opera for the Madison. Personally at La's Peo- often planning a movie Phil train bomb discouraged by clean sheets or any attack him turns. How have you been able to keep this? DROSS bill. Fairfield returns didn't move of Dane when he's FPU form dipped might hit a now in the hate hate. That's been saying why we don't get me to train is why keep a bad player. Like he's just not being Trenton Sterling. Doing Shit why we got them. We got Dane. 'cause he it was shit we got rid of pokey Shit. Why we're not getting rid of train rolling? Why because with fucking scared? I'm scared of who they offense. I'm scared Oh tak sterling looking so bad train is looking bad auto know what to recommend off aught. Know what to say arbed cy that you mad. If you want to get rid of sterling or train not not not so much out on site study would train the train again but I feel going to get rid of Robbo. Not Don't don't go we've out just love it that the phenomenon maybe Bachera Sterling. Not My we can talk about. CAIN shows oops facility for say a Queiroz injured. Now talk about striking options. They use as well. So you everyone Tommy humming involved a human as ings your arm. Maybe vow Rochford Zeus J.. Zoo got out. They want to talk about. What do you think if I could or would get rid of studying and bring in in Jesus That's how I feel affiliate so bad. What now Shea? Su only tackle food is going to stop the next few games. There's no guero. Uh No peptides sterling could stop top. I feel like that. That's going to work sterling mortgage Silva. Then he won't think think that's the solution that you're a little bit of former fool up. They need Chevy seuss. It will start surely surely he was always always plan. He's planning right now. UPDATES actually taught them a one new down a new thinks it wom not annoyed fuck spurs why mandate bringing already this week job. Kiosk still mom now. Man says new but yeah these play is usually plan. Yeah Darren exton hype. Lungs of triple live triple show. I'm triple lie Lester but I'm just reading way says right okay how to fuck do I never going McCain. Ps Love the pod polled. Thank you okay. It's all because of me talking to you at one in the corner was he said he got enough. Lester Charles. Am One so so live for the plank game week doc left to play mainstay away and Chelsea place burs away so less harsh in it. It's going to be very difficult for everyone to navigate McCain analyze that will make furnishes past aged aged the twenty first of December. Yeah so all. He's got really is just transfer impacts Muslim teams. Every every week until he's got a good team no not me personally of a triple Chelsea of not been on triple Lester downgrading gaming of one or two of his less than Chelsea plies. I mean live applies. Maybe so you can do. But I wouldn't. I personally wouldn't worry too much about it. I two seasons ago. There was a blank game week and our plan plan for it so far in the vence by in overseas transfers in applies that will apply in this game week and my school was so shit shit for those six seven weeks honesty. Now think to myself. Why why why are we too much about is one week? Every single week is important as the other so if you sacrifice these next few game weeks just to prepare for one you're gonNA hurt yourself. I have a suggestion. Wosa play your free hit. Say I'll would not know early on on what you're GONNA say. No Yeah Lot there with an argument. Yeah a lot triple captain. There was no real strategy for that loss as a lot in the free hit by argues forget doubles and blanks wchs towards the end of the season off offer. You need to keep them like just Chris one team just because Free plays a blanket. Lie IT'S GOING TO BE A. It could be a lot worse than the season artist Pat. He must for now when you cross that road a little. Oh bit more when it gets to where maybe maybe get rid of one or two. Even if a short term but for now Leicester and Chelsea have good fixtures well oh no less than a frigging fixtures and less Chelsea Liverpool have good fixtures for now soy just focus on getting them point seen scene What could fix still there? And they lost question James Allen twenty-three count form with Simonova siler however is ace however it's a long season foam can change. Who Do you both believe who scored highest come into the season West? A tough bomb. I aww Germany feet man I is it could. But you've got a point to the evidence evidence he's Mon- I Asia looking is the this season are looking on real morning all the way for me. So Yeah we've got two things to finish this this episode. Then we got planned transfers and captain named we got the beef so I may plan transfers and captain. Oh Aw haven't used to be on Russian to be only off income going to how this week freezing wait one moment. Yeah because I've just done to some hold we're transfers captain whose plan everyone's got good Fisher's pictures morning fixture Voday tammy sterling soared and they all have quite fixtures. It's very hard when he's like he's near who'd you cut the number brought now. Currently forty from Nas wait east stirling Newcastle. That that is probably why I'm GonNa Guy yeah good. Not Without Studies. Been Bad we do you have an I put my faith. FINRA will only site quick far around monae reliable captain while they're stirred him look pretty bad. The physical option in Newport nucor ship TAMMI great option against teams seventy minutes. He's a bit less time to score goes in. That's where Varzi Lot monae. They must reliable lot more than I involved..

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