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Safely at least six people have been killed and more than six thousand homes and two hundred and fifty businesses have burnt wildfires. Have also destroyed more than one hundred and fifty homes in southern California Ventura County fire captain Steve Kauffman. We estimate that there's thirteen hundred eighty five people and shelter. An estimate that fifty two thousand people have been evacuated from the fire fires threatening Thousand Oaks add insult to injury after the shooting at a bar that left twelve people dead. Authorities believe the gunman David long then killed himself. CBS's carter. Evidently investigation is expected to last the next few days right now, they're working on a three D recreation of the crime scene, Facebook and Instagram have taken down long accounts. And they're now working with police. The ACLU is one of the organization suing over President Trump's order banning migrants from entering the country illegally from requesting asylum CBS's, Alison keys report, President Trump's order denies migrants who enter the US illegally the right to be eligible for asylum despite laws that say anyone is no matter how a person comes into the US the ACLU tweets that neither the president nor his cabinet can override the clear commands of our law. But that's exactly what they're trying to do. We'll see him and. Court President Trump made immigration a campaign issue. Calling on coming caravan of Central American, migrants and invasion, Alison keys, CBS news, Washington. Twenty one year old Jack Dillon young was sentenced to fifty five years in prison in connection with the church bus crash that killed thirteen people in south, Texas. He could have received up to two hundred seventy years for last year's collision. Peggy Grantham lost her mother in the crash. I realized that.

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