Devonta Freeman, Spence, Kyle Shanahan discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


The ball the flank gave new you know him in the trophy for the when you which is not it's nonsense so about amused going about their business but it's a coughing review you know devonta freeman that right back bases that wasn't or going up what already what we do and in that all spence no more off fans matt ryan julio jones i mean the goal list the character they have i don't think they're intimidated i don't think it's too big of a stage form of until like they belong when kyle shanahan and in group goes into their meeting rooms who are they circling on defense that they think they can get they're match up so there and affect because you know there but that's how they've been doing obviously matt ryan's when playing out of his had but they always seem to be able to intimate away to get some body on the field being covered by somebody who has no business covering that individually but they've been match up i think there i just you think early is going to be is house well it yet because you know he's also taken one guy away or that one thing they want to do do they try think julio away and double you know about very logan ryan in a guy over the top and let malcolm butler go clarence a new it's a picture poison with them because is not just we got some million gabriel i may have to battles freeman and call who you know are are average and well before yard a carry the play action pass games unbelievable and so i don't look there's that one guy because the same can be said about the patriots defense and how many of those guys are household names outside about them well early is not even i mean made this because what he didn't superbowl outside of that you know hightower maybe i mean where is in mccourty name coverage i mean we're alan branch up from vic play the best team defense and the nfl so i don't know if there's that one guy save win get this matchup we like because you know the pacers gonna changeup thirty of differ look certain have some specific for this atlanta falcon off and that's one of a solid joining me here on the rich eyes and show.

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