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Customary and accept the debate fifty with traffic you can trust on Johnny gill newsradio six NW AC six first warning weather scattered rain showers through the day today in early high fifty five then middle of the afternoon once temperatures tumble through the forties and down to thirty one for the overnight low a cloudy day tomorrow with some rain and maybe some frozen precept late tomorrow so I goes to thirty eight will bounce to forty two with a little more rain on Thursday forecast powered by the basement Dr it's fifty three right now sports now we talked a lot about the Superbowl in less than a day or two you know there's that one moment during the halftime show Shakira looks at the camera does that kind of tongue wag thing yeah yeah the joy a lot of people you know around about that it turned immediately in the means and gifts and all that kind of stuff I didn't realize this you she is a mix of Lebanese and Colombian correct Sir that Lebanese Lebanese rights and so there is this phenomenon that happens in in really both cultures but it seems to be more middle eastern the tongue flicking thing and I'm not gonna be able to say what they call it I know I've I've looked it up as a group yeah I think is maybe how you say it Z. A. G. H. R. O. U. T. A. they say it is a traditional Arabic expression of joy and celebration there is the tongue wag and then kind of a a shout that goes with it and because of her heritage and there there is signs of that in other cultures as well I mean I finished with Latin cultures and that so she's just being herself I mean she is kind of that mix mmhm and her performance she said was an expression of who she is so that's where that came from the side and I know and I I get it I understand you know I'm a I'm a parent of two kids air I understand those that didn't find its age appropriate for the Superbowl I didn't have a big problem with the half time show though I did night I enjoyed I I admit it what those two performers yeah you kind of knew what kind of player is going to be that and agreed to and for the wearer the Superbowl was yeah Miami yeah it was a very Miami show agreed you know what I mean if for for that setting in that culture was so I mean I get it I I'm not if if you were bothered by it I'm not saying your dome it because I get it I I understand I just tell you me personally I I understood the show we understood why it may have been a little racy now you know the poll and everything it should be well I I yeah well yeah when they're both facing away from him hi I'm looking allied is pretty wide eyed was tremendous for where the game was the cultures that they were representing I thought it was really good yeah so yeah but anyway I didn't realize that was a thing but it's a thing that took the time why sex and I didn't either that I've I feel like it's I've been educate a little bit now you know as well exactly blue jackets with the NHL's best record real last two calendar months are home tonight against Florida last time they played was new year's eve jackets bhedam Elvis summers Lincoln's got his first win we all know their injury for the jackets Alex Winberg out three to four weeks with an upper body injury Ryan McGinnis recall from Cleveland game time United seven on Fox Sports Ohio have your remote handy because also at seven on ESPN two is a basketball Buckeyes on the road rival Michigan in this updated service of alcon elk if a medical mistake because you injury call one eight hundred alkyl heiau coach Chris Holtmann tonight going against first year Wolverine coach Joe one hour day that a really good season to really impress watching them on tape obviously they've taken some lumps as everybody has in league play but they've got a veteran group that one a lot of games obviously by a credit to you one of the coaching staff and it'll be a great challenge up there both teams highly ranked in December both four and six in big ten play both have won their last two college hoops last night no upsets in the rankings top ranked Baylor number three Kansas and number eight Florida state all one fairly easily NBA cavs lost by five in overtime to the Knicks meanwhile rumors persist the cavs are shopping at veterans Kevin love interest in Thompson there to hold hold outs from the twenty sixteen at championship team they are both being shopped as the trade deadline looms on Thursday it could have been last night there last home game coach John B. line all the rumors they all know this by the business of basketball and that we're ready for anything we trust our front office in our front office are working but we just move on them if nothing happens let's keep moving on to something happens this is fine Thompson sat out last night with a quad injury love if it was his last home game.

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