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Strange man i think i'm gonna go with ludicrous in two thousand one a very famous entertainer became the first person in history to have a music album and a movie debut at number one in the same week their album was actually supposed to come out several weeks earlier but producers decided at the last minute to change the name of the records so when it finally came out the wedding planner was already number one at the box office and jennifer lopez was able to have the number one movie and number one album in america movie number one he is so dull so we have just because of that jenny from the block by jaylo for you to sing you go through that jay hawk whenever you're ready yeah it is probably is don't be fooled by the raxit i get i'm still jenny from the black live now have a lot no matter where i go came from from the bronx fooled by the rocks that i got i'm still alive still jennifer is that was in tune all right your phone taps coming up in just a few minutes is brooke and jubal in the morning fast dangerous nepotism never been brave at the end of times everybody hoping that could be the bone bone daddy did you down the beige to be invisible being on the enough return be the bear theoretical apathetic co worker not something nate i'm proud of out of the box in box to world in the vision we've lost in the past just the system could be season leave the the return.

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