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I need to contestants right now that can speak or understand Spanish functionally to play say what with Belinda Skelton so two contestants that if you understand Spanish a little bit. You probably be a good fit for this game. I need the contestants to call four zero four eight seven two zero seven fifty or one eight hundred WSB talk to contestants for say what with Belinda Skelton talked about the possibility of casinos in Georgia Representative Ron Stevens joined us earlier, Greg blue scene from the Atlanta Journal constitution. The big move in. Here is governor Kemp said he would not block any possible constitutional amendments that would allow Georgians to vote on the possibility of casinos in Georgia quick update on my social media. Polls on Twitter Fifty-seven percent say yes, they want casinos in Georgia. Twenty nine percent say no fourteen percent, say not sure on Facebook. Book where I can only ask two questions. Yes, or no, yes is seventy seven percent. No is twenty three percent. So winning on the polls right now again nonscientific, but I'm for it. I wanna see Georgia's be able to vote for it. At least to see if we have the possibility used to be the first step your thoughts at four zero four eight seven two zero seven fifty one eight hundred WSB talk Benz in carterville band. Welcome to the program. Hey, yeah. I was just curious if if the vote does pass, and they can have casinos in Georgia. I wonder if you'd be able to play real money on all the big online poker sites again. That might be a separate thing. So I know that's a federal thing. Yeah. So right now, I know you can in Las Vegas like you can play legally in Las Vegas online. New jersey. Also, I believe oh in jersey to now jersey, you knew anything except pump your own gas. That's the only thing they won't let you do. You can't pump your gas New Jersey. Yeah. I was I was being online poker player before black Friday. So that's curious. I don't know. I'd be I'd be happy to play real poker? And not having to drive the Cherokee every you know for two and a half three hours. But I'll I'll ask I'll find out Chuck seems to think that's a federal thing. I think so because that's how it all started. They pass that the F B I came down and shut down the site. They might be easing up on it and sort of ignoring what states do now, I'm not sure. Well, the the the online gambling thing and the states legalizing sports betting has had an impact on that as well. We'll see what happens. Adam is in Atlanta atom, welcome to the program. X Mark thanks for having me. What's going on buddy? Not much. I hear you on driving Cherokee or even a couple of times at Washington Peres game. Now, I don't know what you're talking about, sir. I don't know what you're talking. It's a car wash that.

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