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Are watching. And asking me what is the fall what have we done what would happen to us if. We were to do it any other country on earth what's being done to us in these wars. Other speakers said that the sixty eight convention protests helped spawn the environmental gay rights and women's movements Bob Roberts NewsRadio and what all. Five point nine FM WBZ news time eleven thirty three, police in Washington, DC have one person. In custody, in connection with the shooting death, of ten, year old Makiya Wilson she was killed in a barrage of seventy bullets. Fired into a courtyard for other people were wounded this is metropolitan police chief, Peter Newsham a members of the capital area regional fugitive. Task force arrested twenty year old who wan- Thomas of southeast Washington c. for. First degree murder while arm pantley shed, they're looking. For four other, suspects identifying one of. Them is, twenty one year. Old Clinton Michael unions representing federal workers are apply Lauding the ruling. From a. Federal judge who said President Trump exceeded his authority with three of his executive? Orders earlier this year? Trump signed executive orders in may covering collective bargaining rights grievance procedures and use of official? Time the White House said the overhaul of? Civil service rules would make it easier to remove poor performing employees and ensure that taxpayer dollars are, used efficiently but the American federation of government. Employees which represents about seven. Hundred thousand of the approximately two million member federal workforce says it was a direct assault on the legal rights and protections that congress. Has guaranteed federal law requires the government and federal employee unions to negotiate over such changes Ben Thomas. Washington resumes are supposed, to help workers land jobs but some employers say, some resumes don't always tell the truth tight job market it's been tough for some bosses to find, the right people it's even. Harder when resumes are not what. They appear to be seventy five percent of employers told. Us that they have caught a lie On a resume Michael Irwin of careerbuilder dot com says there, new survey finds other problems to seventy seven percent of employers. Said that they have found a typo or had bad grammar followed by an unprofessional Email address one applicant listed. Forty different jobs in one year another admitted to having had as many marriages as jobs Steve Kathan CBS news renowned organist has been accused of sexual. Misconduct after and after the accusation he organised resigned from his post at colleges in Massachusetts and Ohio the. Boston Globe reports a group of former students at the college of Holy Cross in Worcester alleged that. James David Christie sexually abused them while they were at the school Holy Cross. Christie step down from his post as distinguished artist in residence, Christie also resigned from Oberlin college and conservatory where he was, a professor Christie. Did not respond to multiple phone calls or emails asking him. To.

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