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Welcome to one of four three my friend how are you today I'm good how are you doing fantastic get two kids ready do the pledge of allegiance I hear you right now Justin Reid is five and Addie is age eight okay addy ready to leave this with read what okay side is your first time on the radio and now her time well I live in Hollywood California I could have it on the radio who knows everybody's famous out here yeah I have maybe I haven't yeah how did you know that Jill from our show is a famous child actor she was in so many movies as a young girl and then anybody that at a have you ever seen parent trap yeah Jill seen it too I was very the remake with Lindsay Lohan we really I was making a joke but I forgot the reason that oh my gosh in the poker scene it came up you look over the shoulder and you can see me in my bangs back there Hey you know rights at the summer camp you were in that scene that's our easy well all right what I do you have a giant balloon read whoa that's big that's a big big balloon is resetting wish yeah because I just heard a bit of an accent that I've read their oh no I'm sorry I thought you meant like if not a Spanish okay got filling out census is too much lately oh my god I love it okay I'm sorry go to go I've got a bit of a balloon here mom yeah thank you Harry potter perhaps not that's okay I add a you take it away you to redo the.

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