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Ten thirty where the news never stops. WBZ news time, two o'clock, overcast right now, mostly cloudy. It is forty seven degrees in Boston. We pretty much stay in the high forties. Low fifties for the rest of the afternoon and tonight is looking clear and very cold low of thirty six downtown and near the coast and looks like the upper twenties and many inland suburbs. Traffic and weather together coming up good Tuesday afternoon to you October thirtieth. I'm Tina Chow WBZ news. Thank you so much for joining us. Boston gangster Whitey Bolger is dead. And the FBI is launching an investigation. The Federal Bureau of prison says they try to save his life after finding him on responsive WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe joins me now in studio with more details can what else do we know? Well, Tina James Whitey Bulger as you mentioned was found unresponsive at the Hazelton federal prison in West Virginia around eight twenty this morning. He had just been transferred to that facility yesterday. The Federal Bureau of prisons issued a statement saying the staff who found the eighty nine year old initiated life saving measures. But Bolger was subsequently pronounced dead by the Preston county medical examiner. The statement goes on to say that no employees or other inmates were injured. And at no time was the public endanger, the FBI has been notified in there. Now launching an investigation. No word at this point on a cause of death. Now Bulger's health had been deteriorating recently. There is no word on whether that's why he had been TRAN. Transferred to Hazleton Bolger, of course, serving life in prison after his two thousand thirteen conviction for eleven murders. Before that he spent sixteen years on the run earning him one of the top spots on the FBI's most wanted list. Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ News Radio ten thirty IRA Kimmy. Thank you very much for that update and a family members of Whitey Bulger's victims are speaking out and reacting to his death Mary Callahan husband John was killed by a bulgar gang back in nineteen eighty two will never be forgotten. And I'm hoping that he will be remembered as a person who whoever he came in contact with was hurt some way or another and that he will always be a legend like Al Capone or Billy the kid. But it will always be remembered as not a nice person. John Callahan was shot dead in Florida in one thousand nine hundred eighty two by the ball gang because you knew of their murderers ways, according to you. Callahan was going to implicate the sound Boston serial killers for the nineteen Eighty-one execution sleigh of world highlight president Roger Wheeler in Oklahoma. Stay with WBZ News Radio ten thirty here in Boston for continuing coverage of this breaking news story, if you're just joining us Boston gangster Whitey Bulger is dead. And the FBI is launching an investigation will bring you much more details as we get them here in the newsroom, and if you happen to be away from your radio. Make sure you stay connected with all with all of us and stay updated at all times with the story and much more by downloading our free. Iheart radio app. Time now for traffic.

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