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You're new to the show every Thursday or least nine and a half out of ten Thursdays once in a blue moon. We won't but we always a horse player on. It could be just stay discussion about horse. Playing about their time. Playing the races could be more of a lesson or You know learning opportunity could be any of the above but we like to focus on the horse players. The folks who make the Great Sport of Horse Racing Go round the folks who put their hard earned money through the windows folks pay my salary. That's for darn sure. So we like to feature the Horse Player here. On Thursdays we talk about pours playing throughout the week as it is but Thursdays we try to stick right lane unless there's big news or other stuff but Got a couple of things planned here in the early parts of the show. We're going to welcome in Lee Davis who was on the show horse players back in twenty fourteen. I think it was. I remember watching when it came out because it was on the esquire network which who knew at the time. I had my Portland Oregon cable package but sure enough I did. I remember watching. That was a point. Tv for me for for the period of time it was on it was neat to see. You know guys like us Playing the races and in doing so we'll talk with Lee talk a little bit about his background in the sport and playing the horses working on Wall Street all that kind of fun stuff coming up a little bit later on. The jury is going to be here. Tomorrow there are five stakes races as part of the churchhill downs card. And on Saturday. It's a it's a Doozie. These Churchill cards are they're pretty awesome. They'RE PRETTY CHALLENGING. And it's almost like oaklawn you know picked up a Churchill's just picking up where oaklawn left off except for there's turf racing and I saw Scott and Joe. Christopher in a conversation somebody was tracking their their picks and both saying hey they were up the first weekend. Roi's and Ed was saying his was not good but when it's racist like this and it's early on in the meat. I mean you can have a three or four good picks on a card and your Roi jumps way up and you can have an for twelve just as easy and obviously sink a little bit so we'll talk a little bit about what's coming up today at Churchill's they resume racing on this Thursday because two year olds or start now and there's also a maiden race early on that I think is a really great example of a discussion on class. So that'll be the first part of the show. Davis GONNA join us a little bit later on. Should make mention for you. A harness folks out there the Return of racing to cya downs. And I believe the first hardest track to get back up and going harness. You had a full shutdown essentially when it comes to racing. I know seems like a lot of them are scheduled as of now to return early June It's been interesting to see kind of how I mean. Racing is kind of re popping up in a lot of places not most but most I would say a majority now have either reopen date scheduled or are reopened or a reopening very very soon. And you know we still haven't really heard set plans for baseball and hockey and And the NBA so racing. I mean obviously. I think there's just less logistics for us because there's less touching I mean of the athletes. You can't can't play hockey game or basketball game without lots of very intimate contact than intimate in the intimate way but close proximity and baseball. You kind of can. I mean you're still tagging guys and haven't type plays and I saw some of the initial. Mlb rules were like no spitting and know this that and Racing as a whole there was very little contact Between the participants on the field of play other than the occasional heard at the top of the stretch from some writers. But Yeah so. Glad to see for my. I have a lot of buddies in the harness area. I don't know how much how many of our listeners are harness of course Post time and Mike and Mike do an ice hardest show. That was There was America for years and A lot of folks Listen to them. I don't know I don't know what our audience skews harness I would think there's some overlap. I mean there's a lot of players that play both. I've just gotten into it because like I said I have. I have friends who work in it or follow it very closely. So I've Kinda dipped in a little bit of a toe in the world harness and as I said in recent weeks been watching a lot more low sound Remington and I found myself getting to the corridors and let her have learned a lot. You know like I said my zoom chat is filled with the experienced horse players. And and some of them. That's kind of their area of what they really enjoy. And so it's fun to to listen to kind of a new thing and honestly get a new perspective. I mean I called harness races at Portland for years but are not harnessed Quarterhorse but I never had any kind of sense of what was really going on. I mean I know when somebody breaks good it call it on their forget the Guy who was the backup before we Patrick Harrison. He told me one time he said. If you can't see who's in front early on he goes default to the inside because the camera angle looks like they're ahead. I always thought that was a smart but also maybe not great advice. 'cause I remember seeing a horse stumbled out of the gate and he was still called the horses being on the early lead. A as I mentioned the two year olds beginning at Churchill downs today I post On this Thursday card at one o'clock eastern and a full slate thirteen of them scheduled to go in the open one of them's and also article so I guess twelve of them because they're going four and a half and so I can't imagine that allowing thirteen or fourteen would be good because the run into that I turn is Is So short. I did notice in the conditions it says made into your phillies for two year. Old International Medication Protocol Horses nominated or entered to compete shall not be eligible to receive furor. Osa made less than twenty four hours prior to post for the race. I don't know what that is. That is that like the medical term for six. But we're going to start seeing. I think Santa Anita had run the first non six two year old race last weekend right and so this is kind of this new era as a result of the safety coalitions who I felt like we heard a lot from post Santa Anita crisis and has been quiet lately. But maybe I'm just not paying attention but it's funny to see these names that you see at Keeneland John Hancock. He always pops up in these races. Wesley Ward of course and the I believe the first run happy baby is going to hit the track in that race. Four mattress Mac. I mean Kinda rightly so right should be his His horse that runs is the first run happy and I wonder if he almost like wanted that like I wonder if he liked. Call the other owners and like. Hey this mattress Mac. I WANNA run first. Run Happy. And we're GONNA do it. Churchill on Thursday after that y'all can go but I up to me so lor wohlers training and in Laura a two for twenty seven for with their first time starters but his positive. Roi So one or both of those were a bomb and debut maiden special weight to for twenty two so not unheard of for her hit with the first time starter. A series of three furlong workouts to work at not a lot of I mean. Four furlongs is the longest distance work on the page. I always a two year olds or any any debut in horse I WANNA see a couple of workouts at least five You know I guess you don't need a five to four and a half I would always. I don't know the trainer who I came up with. That was my buddy been route. You know he was always preaching. He wanted to see a couple of fives on there. So maybe I'm just listening to him. Maybe I'm part of the Stone Age. Wesley Ward Horse Tequila. Queen has a few fours but no five. So maybe it's maybe that's just part of the deal and I don't know what I'm talking about one of them's a forty seven chain at keeneland. I mean. That's that's moving and obviously with a short run into the turn. I really much has been talked about about words. Horses not firing at at Gulfstream. It'll be really interesting to see. I mean this is a high priced. One they paid three and a quarter for this horse. So this is not like the kind of you know. Cheap yearling purchase that they want to get that maiden win and they make money on it. they're going to have to win this one plus several others. I mean it's a Philly so obviously she can be bread or bread more so than like stallions. Obviously you have to be really really cream of the cop crop but going to be interesting to see if she can fire out of there because he is just not been all that great. We've seen a few other trainers pop up. Data Gulfstream who've been pretty good with these curious to see if any of the I mean there's a lot of names you just don't hear all that often at Churchill that kind of specialized these show Keelan all the time and so it makes sense that they would be churchill. Steve Aspen does have mad. Mattie who's drawn the rail because of the Entry Ed is the number two horse drawn the rail one they paid a pretty penny for has a forty six flat workout from keeneland a from the gate. I mean just motoring and so I gotta think that workout combined with Asmussen is going to make that one. The likely second. I mean at some point until ward winsome one or two or more of these. I gotTA think that they're just not gonNA take the money they normally would because you know but I think people just so conditioned it's a ward two year olds gotta gotTa just single it. And maybe they'll be right but Boy It's been a struggle for him so far early on this year Let's have a little conversation about class. I think one of the things we ran are going to run into the church. You'll meet and I kind of mentioned it last week. With the boys in the jury is normally keeneland is kind of where everybody meets up. After all their wintertime races be at fairgrounds. Beat Florida New York. Be It Even out West Texas Arkansas Oklahoma. Wherever they often all converge at keeneland and with no keeneland the convergence zone has now become Churchill and the third race on Today's card. It's a maiden twenty thousand dollar race for the fillies and Mares gone a mile. And there is a plethora let me move my mic here pump. That may doesn't make a big noise. there's a plethora of horses coming in from different circuits at different price levels and to me. It makes an interesting handicapping factor for this race. And I know speed figures are kind of supposed to be used to Almost you know take away the class differentials between circuits but I am so convinced that numbers run high at some tracks and lows and other tracks and I see it all the time When I was working at Monmouth you'd see the parks horses. They always came in with what looked like bigger numbers. And it just. I just think that that's a thing so you can look at this race. Okay you got an oaklawn horse coming in from the inside a horse who had also been running at turf way for made thirty thousand and was running okay at turf way for maiden thirty so they stayed at that level on the dirt and it didn't go very well. Horses nine th beaten one links and was a way higher price which to me is notable because the turf way races were both large fields in fact all three of them were Nine eleven twelve yet. This horse was six to one six to one five to one. At that. Made thirty thousand level at turf way yet goes to Oaklawn same price level different surface obviously and a field of ten..

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