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Spilled it. Got Her good so I. I in her feelings. And the reason I'm bringing it up stupid. It's so stupid and I told Benton about this. Bengals owner know someone writes on every comedians page like I didn't realize that was something that people write on comics pages all the time because I did that auto block thing fucking ages ago. You know the auto block, mean comments that have certain key words Myanmar's like whore and busted old. You know whatever so this is. What got through and it got to got to me because I. I I don't comments. Don't hurt my feelings anymore. I am now at the point where I realized that. If you make a mean comment on my page, you love me. With me, your love me, you're in love with me and it hurts your heart that you can't be with me and this is the only thing you can do to manage your pain I'm I'm fine with me and comments, and also as what I would do. People totally that's what I do and I like someone mean to them so i. know what you're doing. I love you, too. and. Your Dad dropped the ball anyway. I I really did bug me, don't it? Did make me WANNA. Say something because we have Amber Riley on the podcast today, and it's an amazing interview, but on a legend on legend, and we're GONNA play she, saying freedom by beyond say at one of the protests and it was just. Unreal and I did WANNA. Bring it up. Though because I do feel like the last couple episodes have obviously been serious reflecting. What's going on in the world and I just want to let people know like I can't be silly in these interviews because I do. Get insecure that I'm not being funny enough, but I know what it's like to be in an interview where the host is being really funny, and then you feel like you can't be authentic or vulnerable like I've. I mean my whole career I've had to go into like radio interviews and morning show interviews and podcast interviews where you walk into comings. Come in your face. Klein Coma us, and then I have to like you. Come chance you like then I have to adapt to the tone. They're setting. Yeah, you think that that's the tone of the show now, so you just become a different person doing our love. Monster Truck. Shrug a coma, but I wanted to do here today like that's not why I drove here so like this is a delicate time and I think that in order to get the kind of interviews. We're getting I can't just be goofy. The whole time you know people have their space talk. You WanNa talk about giving them a platform brawl. These people to listen to and the reason I need to air. This resentment is because I. know the type of Bitch I am and I. Would I'll do is I'll hold and the resentment, and not say anything about it, and then one day I'll just I'll just quit the podcast. Now I'm not doing this anymore. Like I have to let it out because I do I. Know Things I think the. Is evolving you know and I think it's time. I love having my friends on, and we will always do that. Don't panic, we had. We've come down yeah like. Everyone that's going to have. Your money comet. They all have four podcasts if you WANNA. Hear Bobby Lee and Kristalina. You can hear them anytime. You want you know you don't have to come here for them, but I do. I? We had Jim Jefferies his second round. Don't worry. We talked about threesomes for about an hour. That's GONNA come out very soon it. That would have been a weird to drop that two weeks ago. Women just bazaar. And the next week I'm actually really excited. We're going to have Dr David Agathon professor of Medicine and Engineering at the university southern California. And, he. I'm so afraid I'm not gonna able to pronounce this co-founder. Naveh JENEX. Personalized Medicine Company and plied Protonix, which is probiotics as large scale study of. Shit and we love that you know that I love true science. Then ten I think we're evolving into actually talking legitimate scientists instead of Benton being like. Yeah, I, read that somewhere once. So far haven't been wrong. I did read all those things and so I think it's important to read the room you know. In terms of like I noticed that with everything. That's going on, and you'll see someone's like instagram. You're like Oh. This bitch is not reading the. Yeah, not, she's not aware. Yeah. Yeah, and so I just wanted to knowledge that because I just want you guys to know that I know and. I think the the when we this as we wanted it to be. Educational Funny, the also you're gonNA learn something about yourself. You're going to learn new vocabulary. You'RE GONNA. Be inspired like that's always what we WANNA do this podcast, but the problem is all. My friends are players comedian, so we did. You know. It is it is kind of hard to go back and forth expect more and expect different. Yeah, and so I just I love that I'm spending twenty minutes acknowledging one troll that was probably drunk when he wrote one comment, and it's controlled the last five days my, but here's your moment, sir. And then yeah, so I also like. This is what we wanted to make a podcast that was like..

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