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Sports play on Jay Berman. We'll start in the NBA. We do have one final on the board. Knicks and wizards from London they played earlier today. The wizards with a late basket beat the Knicks one on one one hundred New York had just eleven points in the fourth quarter, Bradley Beal the way with twenty six for Washington again as they come from behind to beat the Knicks. All right. We have three games in progress. Sixers and Pacers in Indianapolis second quarter under three minutes to play and the Sixers lead forty six forty three. Jimmy Butler has thirteen for Philadelphia Hornets and kings in Charlotte and Hornets leading fifty to forty seven two and a half to play in the second quarter. Michael Kidd, Gilchrist has thirteen for Charlotte. Raptors fresh out their loss last night to the Celtics. They are home tonight for the first quarter. Raptors lead twenty six seventeen. Devon Booker does lead all scores with nine goals in nuggets get underway at the top of next hour and then ninety minutes from now good one between the Lakers and thunder from Oklahoma City. College hoops, just two games inside the top twenty five tonight, number six Michigan state. They're fifteen into they're on the road at Nebraska, the Brask has been pretty good this year. They're thirteen and four. They'll tip momentarily. Top of next hour, number five, Gonzaga. They're sixteen in they play host to loyal Mary now on the ice after one period Rangers lead, the Blackhawks two to one islanders three. Over the devils in the first after the first period and Boston Bruins and blues. They are scoreless. I'm Jay Berman. This is the most this task AFC and NFC championship picks as we get you ready for Sunday. Join us tomorrow morning at six eastern three Pacific..

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