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Recipes brother Bill Burr, Dane, cook. Bobby Kelly, Jay, more Louis C K, Ricky as it was. It'll never happen again. No, no. That was but we knew at the time. This will never happen again. And I'm gonna say it's one of the only times in my life in the moment. I was aware. I'm in the lightning in the bomb. Isn't that amazing? Yeah. I thought that too like stuff like this ends at some point. And you have to really. Appreciate while. You're doing it that you're doing it. And it's hard when when you're in the moment. It's really hard to appreciate the moment. When you're in it like, that's I was talking to the other day about the Letterman appearance, we did. And it was fucking amazing. It's so hard to appreciate that moment in the moment because you're just are overwhelmed by everything, but I wanted every I wanted to know the material on the arms of the chair and look out at the audience and the lights and everything and there's just too much to soak in and it's over in a second. If you're off if as creepy hands on you. I'm going to walk out and see why. Done much me. Get off me down touch me on. Bothered him put his hands on my face. Solve me word. I got my kids. I've found. Like any see I said, it's John the Maggio. He was in Regina around guy any comedy team. And that's what you guys were to be the greatest comedy team ever just after not break up. That's it. Right. I combine team and we're still waiting to see who they are. Yeah. It can't be the fucking flight of the conchords those house. House. There's still together because they stay where they do stink. We still have lost her comedy Grammy to flight of the conchords the twenty two minute album. I'm like, wow. That was her George Lopez. Craig ferguson. I'm like, I don't know. Who wins this? Great. Yeah. Yeah. They tell me who you're with. I'll tell you. I lost a flight of the conchords. I'm going to jail. Yeah. Yeah. Some Louis CK was getting hurt. Oh and Louis. With Jim Norton coming on board. It was it's you Jimmy had the same like frequency you'd both had like the dog. They have to noon quotes Yanni Opie. Didn't right, and that's like a comedian mind and like the goodfellas stuff. My ex wife said could as the comics is like Scarface as to rappers. She was fucking brilliant. That is really not Snickers active. Yeah. Wow. Damn because it is that is absolutely right way. Stay on. Guy these ridiculous figures. I never agreed to the big what am I muck on wheels on wheels? Danish sh. They have good Danish. Danish pick some up for bell. But he's doing I'm little warmup. Let him. Dead more in the front C C. He number shut the fuck up. This is his wiggle. We're laughing at somebody can stand in the neck when those big. The hilarity that little sounding. Made a little dyke sound any guts. It would. Fact, he goes oh. No out. How long did you made? Hey pike's. Peak was a pimple. Well that moment revelation, I'm now szeswith like the sounds even the shooter taxi driver, the first guy, he shoots in the Bodega the nurse used to go. It's the second Hayes in row with the shot. Two guys, rob the place, and he goes, hey, hey, hey, he goes, hey, bang in the guy counter goes this book is just the second time is baseball bat. Deniro's like this is crazy for me. That was a brutal like that really looked like someone that was shot in the face. And then he got beer. Bat, and I'll take care of it. Well, now, you will you fucking. I gotta go. Anthony cumia in here. Right to their arms..

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