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Welcome back to the gmc basketball podcast. If you missed the last segment we talked about. The phoenix suns advancing to the finals. Chris paul finally making his finals debut and just all the good things happened in that series. Gave a little shout out to the los angeles clippers as well so if you guys want to check that out please go ahead and do so however now. We're not. We're going to be talking about the eastern conference finals. That is at five games. We got the six game coming up very soon. It's going to be tomorrow actually and i. It's it's been a very exciting series so far. I mean a lot of people would say that this has been the box all the way but men have. The hawks really clawed their way to making this competitive. Because a lot of people coming into the series you know especially with milwaukee taking out brooklyn despite it being like one and a half stars that they had with kyri out and james harden like a thirty percent who knows how like where he was at just didn't look the same but milwaukee is played relatively well throughout this entire playoff run so you know they obviously come into the series as heavy favorites and they get into game one and they lose by three at home. You know the the start of the game was fairly. You know the the way you would have expected. You know milwaukee playing great offensively. What with their with their shooters really playing well. And but the atlanta hawks have the offense to keep up with them. You know the with trae young absolutely balling and he had forty eight points and eleven assists in that game. So i mean that just goes to show you the cut. You know the kind of confidence he has now and you know he absolutely deserves to be on that superstar status. But they go into that half up milwaukee by believers about five points but then atlanta comes right in and just absolutely kills milwaukee in that third quarter scoring thirty four points allowing only twenty six. You know almost that entire team didn't shoe well. They should like shot like thirty five percent from the field in that quarter. Milwaukee did didn't get much help from. John drew holidays. Been kinda shooting poor since. Really the brooklyn series. He just really has not been the same like he looked. Great against miami. But i mean you got. That has a lot to do with the fact that miami has little to no perimeter defense. you know. He's being guarded by like tyler hero. Kendrick nunn goran dragoj. He can do a lot of things there. But now with you know brooklyn now an now atlanta who's got multiple defenders that they can toss his way you know he. It's obviously getting being difficult for him to score on a regular basis but he still had a decent quarter scored ten points But for atlanta trae young and john collins absolutely carried that team that series combining for twenty two points of those thirty four points in the third quarter a fourth quarter was even at twenty eight a piece and with that you get atlanta winning one sixteen to one thirteen and of course that does not happen unless trae young absolutely blows up for forty eight points and eleven assists and seven rebounds. I gotta add. He did get help from a lot of his co stars. Like clint appel really played well nets in that game. Twelve points nineteen rebounds a steal block. Even john collins was getting in on the action with twenty three points and fifteen rebounds. You know not much from the bench but really with what the production you got from there from your starters. You really didn't need much from the bench. So atlanta was able to go through in that game but nobody was really expecting them to carry that into the rest of the series. Milwaukee was eventually going to figure out a way to you know. Stop trae young from doing whatever he wants and for the most part they did a lot of that in game two. I mean they absolutely obliterated. The atlanta hawks one twenty five to ninety one. And you know it goes to show me. It's not surprising that training did not have a good game when it was minus. Twenty nine only fifteen points three assists and nine turnovers. That's not a recipe for success in. It doesn't matter what anybody else does. If you got that from your star player you're not gonna win the game especially when he's like by far your best so you know that. That game was certainly a wakeup call for the atlanta hawks but regardless they went into milwaukee and stole one game. You're the lower seeded team. That's what you're looking to do. You're not trying to sweep them at home. Obviously you know the more the merrier but you can at least get one game in those first two games on the road. You're looking good. But then gained three is pivotal because in all the playoff series in history. Gained three is about as potent as important as it gets. Because you know you're up to one. I think it's like seventy five percent. Where the the winner of gained three ends up winning the entire series so that was obviously huge but then the worst part about it was that trae young picked up an injury and his status for game. Four was up in the air in in the end he didn't end up. Playing john was still there. Chris middleton jrue holiday. Milwaukee had their you know complementary players but atlanta was going in there without trae young so obviously all the you know all the stakes were against them all the odds. Nobody was expecting the hawks to win that game yet. You get twenty one at an efficient twenty one points from lou. Williams twenty from bogdanovich. Fifteen from capella. Fifteen from herder. Twelve from reddish. I mean reddish coming back was huge for them. Adds an extra ball handler. Shock creator for that team. Danilo galleria double digits as well. John collins had a bad game. But you know you got all that from from your starters and you got a bit from your benches well. Okon is has been a very solid off the bench big and for as young as he is. He's been playing decent in those minutes. And you know for for atlanta hawks to go into that game down to one a game that you know you lose game four and you're down three one. There's pretty much no chance. You're getting through this series. This was a huge game. And they absolutely dominated milwaukee throughout the entire game. Milwaukee only won the fourth quarter of all the quarters. They only won the fourth quarter by three points and lost eighty eight to one hundred ten. Just an absolutely incredible showing from the hawks and the one that that i really wanna talk about the most because it really is impressive that that team that was most of those guys were just put together. This season on the atlanta hawks. There was no lou williams. There is no bogdonovich. There is no capella. A cappella was under last season but he was injured. So know really. This is like his first true season with the team no gala nari noel con woo and they come in to a huge game for and pull it out for their star man trae young. Who was not able to play big news for the milwaukee bucks in that game. As jonathan colombo went down with an injury he was playing well up until that point and honestly janice has been playing absolutely out of his mind since the brooklyn series. I mean you can really call all playoffs. The guy has been on an absolute tear. He's been trying to show people that you know like all that trashy were talking about me all all the doubts everyone had on me. You know i. I want to erase that completely. And he has certainly gunning long way to doing that..

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