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The Orange County convention center in Pinellas county commissioners have voted to extend the local state of emergency until may eighth but they also voted to end the safer home order based on governor understand his plans to reopen the state commissioner stressed the social distancing aspect is an important components and the coronavirus has cheated high school seniors from their normal graduation ceremonies but some in Florida will get one they prefer Mike Stevens reports Flagler county graduates will soon be racing to the end of their high school journey at Daytona speedway as the venue for the county's graduation ceremonies to get their diplomas once their names are announced the graduates and their families will stay in their cars and drive on the track to cross the checkered finish line sounds like something fun any time of Mike Stevens and it started two months ago on Florida's east coast now Gulf coast sea turtle nesting season is under way this weekend biologist Melissa Bernhard with mote marine lab in Sarasota says logger heads are the main species on the Gulf coast we primarily have the loggerhead sea turtle nesting that's the most prolific sea turtle in in the entire state of Florida Florida's got about forty percent of the worldwide loggerhead nesting it's unknown whether recent restrictions on human beach activity will give the sea turtles leg up this year but burn hard says stay away from nests and hatchlings if you see them and please don't light up the beach at night with Florida's news I'm Sean fan SS I recipients if you did not file a tax return last year and have children under seventeen you must act now to get the.

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