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Figure you gotta wanna earn the ninety six running second multiplier and colonists. Both are ninety four's flamboyant Ashi the sugar ninety three's and it's in the post ninety two. Let's discuss it in the post. It sounds like for him he might be rested Jeff. Mullins. I credited him for coming forward and saying, we'll let them regroup. He's been a warrior for two years. Maybe we sit him out for the next few months because you got to wonder. It's so tough, especially with a horse like this because it felt like at Santa Anita. He wasn't quite as strong as he had been in the months prior, but these two races, he's been, he's been dreadful. Now you've got to factor in. Perhaps he just doesn't like del mar. That's entirely possible wouldn't be the first time we've seen a horse, not like a surface, but he's just very rarely. Did you see such poor. Performances e-zpass to surprise. He's going a little bit off form and I credit the connections for saying, you know what we're gonna do right by the horse. He's done. He's brought us all over the place if he needs a little bit of a breather. Let's give them a little bit of a breather, and hopefully we get him back at Santa at some point fashion business meant to say this most logical spot. It sounds like the John Henry turf championship as the prep for the Breeders Cup Turf that prep would be on September. Thirtieth. Obviously realizing the turf would be on the first week in November. The second third, whatever dated is. I thought those horses ram, very, very well. Our fashioned business anyway, you gotta want is a nice up and comer. I don't know that he's necessarily Breeders Cup type, but maybe he's maybe there's some spots for him going forward as he continues to improve multiplier. Nice to see him get back to a decent enough effort. Colonist still, I don't know, man, I don't know what his game is at this point. I wonder if he's just a notch or two below, whether he goes long on turf, whether as a middle distance or whatever else, it may be actually love sugar, say it, it is what it is seven years old. I think he's probably lost. Little bit on the fastball easy and a little bit long in the tooth. Don't think he's quite what he wants was, can storm needs to go shorter. I don't think this distance was going to work form, didn't think it was going to and it didn't work for him. The horse that I wanted discuss is flamboyant said it when we did the preview for this race. You can just basically cut the audio from every preview that we've ever done with flamboyant and just replay it. He is a mile to a mile and a sixteen to a mile eight kind of horse. You get him out past that he still will come with a run, but he'll flatten out the distances, not his friend, keep them at between eight, nine furlongs I think he still has a giant race in in this race to me is all the evidence that I need to see to think that because on the far turn, he ran basically when fashion business opened up made his move. This horse came behind the bear on gave him a beautiful ride, followed that sort of path, and he looped field and for a minute, it looked like he was getting ready to actually threaten any flat out down the lane. He has that banquet bursts in the distances, not his friend. You get him back to a mile mile sixteenth mile eight. And I recognize it's easier said than done because they don't not every stakes races between eight and nine furlongs, but my goodness get this horseback to a middle distance. You saw what happened when you ran them in the middle distance race up northern California on the turf Bank winner at eleven to one or whatever it was. He's run big races at these..

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