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And just don't really account for how difficult it is to be a high level scorer. Like is Kennedy Chandler better how difficult it is to be a high level score at that size. I should finish that statement in the NBA. Like, is Kennedy Chandler a better prospect than Sharif Cooper? That's what I keep coming back. I would still Cooper. His stats, he's putting up legitimate numbers. And gee things not real life. Some leagues aren't real life. I went back today just for kind of context of Franz Wagner and the summer league average 8 points for game wasn't great in his last 12, he's been a top three rookie in the NBA. So some of these aren't real jeans not real. There are some indicators there. I'm also a boss and I've seen from what water is played really well in the G league at that type of size, but it's still like a level up. It's still a next step to that place. I'm more pro Sharif Cooper, if you said take one or the other right now. I think I am, too. And I will say, Kennedy has the advantage, I think of being a better shooter than Sharif Cooper is, and I think that NBA teams will probably buy that part of his skill set a little bit more. But like, this is such a depressing podcast. I don't know if we take a 5 hour energy in the middle here or what we have to do. We need some pods to do. You literally just watched me drink coffee. I told you, I can't drink my amino acids on the air 'cause I have to go to the bathroom and we're gonna record from the hour because I know how these things go. There's some prospect out there. There's a guard prostitute. I love Jade and I but we said that. He's not a porn car. But I love Jane ivy. There's somebody here who's who's still gonna surprise us, too. They're still there to be somebody comes out of this..

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