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You see frontier dot com, and they can do it on their part of the country and click on the green dots. And try to the doctor did not tell their doctor to come back. For free. Atlas m d dot com slash map. Josh I'd like to thank you for everything that you have done everything that you are doing and everything that you will do your incredible incredible. Not only practitioner in medicine, but you're also a visionary when it comes to the enhancement enhancement of every American's healthcare freedom, folks. You're listening to operation freedom Janet broadcasting from our freedom bunker here in WAM talk sixteen hundred. Great news, operation freedom, and Dave Janet dot com are growing and expanding our freedom based platform, we have launched a new premium service at Dave Janet dot com. Premium service includes premium member only twenty four seven access to the podcast from every Sunday operation freedom show, premium members, also have exclusive access archives to every operation freedom show since October twenty ten membership includes an exclusive access to a new insider insight show hosted by Dr Jan every week each. Insider insight show includes an opening analysis a deal political events followed by an indepth interview featured guest premium members also have access to our department of advanced research show, hosted by Nick Rowe is this show utilizes Knicks extensive experience and expertise in the world of technology. Bottom line, folks, the monthly cost is less than my favorite deal. A Costco pizza or in other words, if only cost thirty cents a day. The premium service is the biggest information bang for the buck by hope you will join our freedom fighter team is. Premium member service subscriber please click on the link at Dave Janet dot com. It's now clear that governments crooks and advertisers are stealing.

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