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The three points brighton after that good stall got beat by southampton now housing unless sending-off wasn't it did did it could. It could have been a broken megan. Obviously the way that the game was played sheffield one to chef united not quite able to reproduce the form. They showed against palace. We're actually into attitude to goals audience auty and harvey bundled with the strike and the other one was wolves. One burnley want ashley bones and must remarkable and the one the quote miles west ham united because i think on paper it looks pretty exciting team. Sebastian of course the main man that needs to get the goal is he's in the goals this weekend. I love the midfield players around them and not bring some icy rob. Yeah we do show the under appreciated fullness of the week. A mind mind goes to a goalscorer game united states the penalty taker mark noble remarkable service under appreciated not not just today in this weekend can throw out a fifteen year career with west ham he's western through and through consistent th-through khanna magin how many managers ups jason downs and stadiums headroom protests and only fattened down and keep everybody on saw a great interview and he's a captain in a leader and to be fifteen stadiums headroom protests and only fattened down and keep everybody on saw a great interview and he's a captain in a leader and to be fifteen years in the premise league zillion was three hundred and fifty two appearing states united goal penalty against did you play against the well fifteen years we definitely rumpling assu thousand and four of my my last season was with jeff for wednesday so no if he starts steaming we missed him yeah yeah so my only shape performance of the week you so you talked about earlier this week. Strikers a-bomb getting any goal. <hes> wesley are picked for aston villa. I i just thought that the big luxury showroom against spurs in the first game and didn't quite get to speed up things important. I go rob lovely ron one time drilling great finish and then he was involved in the second goal each hold. A playoff game was excellent. You know if aston villa in the premier league wesley hostage olympic goals twenty eight million dollars. They spent cla bruce goals. I think it was ten in twenty eight games last season county bring that kind of form to villa paul that love him love the center for the whole ten and if he can keep delivering dean smith and aston villa still staying yeah they might good for him. Good for the strikers needed goals that new clubs all the money span thou feel better. The fans feel better. I totally agree villa. Wisely has to be demand. There's not much else and tim to strike is but another brilliant brilliant weekend lots of controversy stories again. I look forward to next weekend. My friend i felt a little bit luck is that today robber felt a little things. You know i and these bromance the two together so we'll hopefully be back together soon but we'll we'll call it a day from that on we can when liverpool remain the only team with a perfect perfect record after three games and weekend when palace on did united a new castle shot spurs for next week's podcast after much. We four the small mountain of a north london dolly. I know he's must together to rob. Thanks for listening and it could not to me goodnight from him good nine.

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