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So randy and i Growing up were not allowed to have a sugar cereals. Lauren allowed to have good tasting cereals. And really bad. It was like weetabix right but but but then you would have the sugar cereals. So when we would have a chance to have them we would load up on them and then we would get sick because we didn't know the limitations And now that we're adults. I'm actually. I'm trying to cut down on the carbs. And the sugar randy you are as well unhealthy food and basically that becomes a sad proposition. Because you're like what can we eat. What can we do. I can't get the sugar corn pops. And i can't. I'm a huge cereal guy too. I need it. And that's why. I'm so happy that we're being sponsored by our good friends over at magic spoon because they've cracked the code. Don't you think j zero sugar. Eleven grams of protein only three net grams of carbs in each serving four flavors. All the flavors are good. I got all four. So i love him. blueberries so. Good toko fruity fruity is amazing. And so is just a straight up frosted. It tastes amazing at. There's a moment where you're like. This is too good to be true. And i feel guilty. That i'm eating this and wednesday going back up on me and it doesn't. It's kato friendly gluten free grain. Free soy free low-carbon gmo free. My what yours is blueberry ran. I love the blueberries so much. I'm a coca fantasy. But i love. The blueberry. the fruity is my favorite. It's so simple. I love their sponsoring as good a magic spoon. Dot com slash. Sklar grab a variety pack. Try it today. you don't wanna go to the store these days order it. It's incredible be shooting our promo code sklar at checkout and get free shipping your love it. You'll love it. love it. They ask for it this morning. Magic spoon is so confident in their product. It's back with one hundred percent happiness guarantee. If you don't like it for any reason they'll refund your money. No one's in the business to refund money. They know that. No one's going to say this. That's why they offer that refund. That's magic spoon dot com slash scar. Use the code. Sklar for free shipping. And i just wanna thank magic spoon for sponsoring this podcast and giving us something to look forward to good breakfast. People thank you guys. Welcome back to the show. Brad williams what else do you have going on. That people can check out so that all of our fans can be all on the brad williams train well The main thing that had gone on is as we all know comedy for the most part of shutdown are still some ways around it in one of the ways around it is virtual shows. I've done a couple of virtual shows you guys talk about the club which is great But then i had a big virtual show coming up november fourteenth saturday november fourteenth. Were gonna be doing it pretty much from where i'm sitting right now grace in end. It's they show. I'm doing standup in an active show. I'm doing a virtual cocktail party. Where i'm gonna make myself a whiskey cocktail. Yana show you all my sports memorabilia. That i have made and you ask the questions. I'll answer it's a hang out. It's party so that's we're doing you want experiences It's at its november fourteen seven. Pm pacific time. Could you rush. Ticks dot com r. u. s. h. t. i. x. dot com and get tickets for that show and check out the data great lineup of comedians. I'm not even supposed to blood in their shows. But i will just cure sins gonna do original show on rush checks at night. Love her at zoa offer. Yeah and have you guys actually watched have you guys been an audience member for some virtual shows yet. We have. we have yet so fun. It's like it's like really personal persona and what you're describing afterwards you just chilling and hanging out like this this This is gonna drop on friday so we can tell our fans and remind them that. We're doing a live down people which you've been a part of brad. We're live dump people town with john hamm and the ban tennis And it's a virtual one it nowhere comedy club. That's when this jobs on friday. It's tomorrow night six thirty. Pm pacific time nine thirty eastern time seven thirty mountain and it is going to be mountain time. Yes it's going to be a blast and you know the cool part about these virtual shows is that. Let's say you live in bismarck north dakota and go there a i don't know if there's a comedy club there or major comical up there okay but your huge fan. The sklar brothers are huge. Fan of myself than yours. Your chance to why the show and to get the zoo to buy a ticket which is going to be less than what you would normally pay if you went to a comedy club because you're not eating food or maybe you order some food in but you're not paying for and you're not you're at home you can screen mirror it on your giant tv so the sitting down in your living room with your pets around you. You got a bottle of wine. You're hanging out if you choose to do the post. Show hang out with brad for his show. Again rush ticks dot com. If you check that out to do that on the fourteenth. So here's it we have your. We have what you're doing tomorrow night. You're gonna go see. Live nine people down with jon hamm and then we have your next saturday night. Which is you're going to see brad. Williams do his show We your to saturday nights leaning into thanksgiving. We've got it all taken care of you. And god knows we need to laugh right now. yes optional. Optional fernando women. I think we need to have a pants optional. Just when we get back to doing comedy club something. That's a friends that have done stand yet. They're they're at a new at a new store and they were asked to get naked after they did because serious and they said it was quite interesting and they said it's weird for the first five minutes and then after that it's just another show. They said it wasn't hard. What does that mean Let's but there are a lot of dixon. The crowd all right here. We go here we go. Let's just some quick kids because we.

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