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Insider John Hammond says tonight's game with the Brewers in Milwaukee. Has been postponed. It's not clear how many positive tests but now you wonder about the ripple effect. The Cardinal's played the Twins on Wednesday. It's going to be the third game now on the schedule affected tonight. Already, the Phillies and Blue Jays have been postponed The Marlins and the Nationals as well. That was supposed to be the Brewers home opener tonight. The Yankees have their home opener. They're going to take on the Red Sox in the Bronx. Here's Aaron Judge. We're looking forward to you know, we always this team was to play in New York. So we're excited about that is that I'm gonna be different with Yankee home over there with no fans. That's one thing I always looked forward to every single years. That place gets rocking on opening day for us. A judge in company starting foreign one on the road. He had the monster three run home run last night to rally the Yankees passed the Orioles in Baltimore there, 18 straight win over the O's 17 in the road, Camden Yards. That's after the Yankees blue and early five. Nothing lead the Mets coming off back to back losses to the Red Sox at Citi Field. They'll hit the road now a six game trip starts tonight. In Atlanta against the Braves. We'll have the pre game at 6 30 here on WCBS. The MBA kicked off its restart in Orlando last night with two games wins for the Jazz and the Lakers Mohr games this afternoon, starting with the Nets will take on the Magic at 2 38 games for every team in Orlando before the playoffs began. But again the breaking news the Cardinals, the latest baseball team to report Positive. Kobe 19 tests their game tonight against the Brewers has been postponed in Milwaukee bread Heller.

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