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So teeny tiny and people were very scandalized that she had her teeny tiny, teeny tiny course looking waste back thirty hours after there is a section of the internet and which women who get pregnant and then lose the weight, lose it really quick and go back to fit very, very, very quickly. That's like a thing like in terms of that would make you famous if you are able to do that, it's a thing. And it's also like there's another section of the internet, like a parallel adjacent section to that internet who's like looking seeking out that part of the internet. 'cause they to like get mad at them like there's now things people hate less. There's something people hate more than like women who get skinny too quickly after giving birth like this isn't real like, here's my take on this whole thing, not very controversial. This woman had her kid when she was like twenty one or twenty two when her body is like at the peak, if your body is if you're Kylie Jenner new, have your kid at twenty. Let's say she's twenty right? She gave birth who. Nineteen or twenty? No, because you'll turn to anyone if you are twenty years old and you have a kid, of course, your body can snap back. Your body is like still, you know, you have all the things are working. Your body is like at its most elastic and and perfect and everything about your body is like designed to snap back. Not that it's not hard. I'm just saying it's easier because your body is just younger and whatever. That's why not necessarily notable that she did it, but still people hate her for. Yes, but it's also that's her livelihood. My favorite tweet about this though, can I is this a little bit like I didn't write this. They don't get me in trouble, but from the Twitter user, Daniel radiance on Austrailia, guy think I think he re tweeted the Daily Mail. Celebrities, blonde woman is carried out of highly jenner's twenty first birthday face down on stretcher, and he wrote Tammy. Hambro couldn't handle her coca kylie's twenty first because she's used to the shit Australian quality and not the pure Kardashian version. I mean, no comment, but also best with good jobs. Funny tweet. So my favorite thing about this whole scandal was pointed out by the Daily Mail and I can't believe you didn't see it. Right. So in the video that Tammy Hambro published Hambro Hambro who Clarence doesn't matter fate and Australian, it's correct. Ambro, bro, and bro. I don't got. Henry agains. Okay. So Tammy Ambro. Oh boy. Okay. I can't do this. Tabby number was in her living room and she is or what she claims to be her living room. Right? And it's like she's sitting on the ground in front of a couch and an Ottoman. Are you looking at this image? Now? Are you looking at the video video? Hold on just like open the video and like regard the Meson sent. Okay. The Meson said, just like a regard. Okay. Lemme. Oh van. Let me skip the hold on the log. So there's only one shot like there's only on San little a little weird couch in the she sitting on the floor and couch in the back do look Zaman. It's sort of like you're replying highlights mind. There's a couch that is beige toughed. It has pillows, the thing that the Daily Mail would pointing out monogram on the pillow. Nope, that's not okay. The tag. There's a price tag gang. On the autumn in our autumn. Oh, the furniture has a price tag on it. And so the Daily Mail is like the Daily Mail is zoomed into the price tag. They're like, look at the strange thing. We noticed in the Tammy hem worth Hambro like whatever. So man, I love that the Daily Mail is so shady. They would tag I the daily mail's the daily mail's caption. They zoom into the price tag in large it, put it on the put it their story, and then add the caption. There it is behind hanging up. Piece of furniture is a price tag..

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