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Know you're young here. We have the olympics coming up this summer which ever a dream of yours or a passion to try to go full amateur get into the olympics or your. Your desire was always determined pro. What made you make that decision. They was but you know having a lotta siblings and family members. I don't wanna stand the images until i'm like twenty five years old you know. I gotta make sure they're okay. I gotta make sure they have food on their plates and you can have a great life. And i just want to hurry up and get to that point. 'cause my goal is to be you know a billionaire by thirty and be able to retire as you spent how my family so i just feel like standing amateurs especially because of the pandemic. It would have been a waste of time my opinion. Yeah what i agree with you there. And then i would ask you about this to you. Talk about the the money of the sport. It seems like now what we're seeing. What's happened with boxing. here. We've seen how mike tyson has come back and fort roy jones. We see guys like these. Logan paul's who are fighting and nate robinson that never true professional punching his life. We're having a five hundred thousand dollar paycheck. Which i think is kind of -sulting to professional fighters that are out there putting into work. So is part of his boxing game. Now in twenty twenty one does there have to be a component of this that includes social media boosting that presence online. Is that part of this plan that you have with with your son and moving forward here with his career. Yes because a lot of coaches in a lot of business people gotta understand the deep issues. They are whole different environment so the way things is marketed. In put out there has to fit them because they pool with technology. Where weeded of you know. We didn't have these type of smartphones. What we was younger so they. They are different breed. And you have to have that following. If you have millions of oslo you these companies would wanna put up the money. 'cause y'all got the viewership your half the power in much understand that learn how to use your social media in bring you fights direct to consumer diablo blossoming the game. So they adult blame the youtube youtube. We bring it is. Josh has got a copy often holiday show game plan. Get on social media bilgi phone. Yeah i think it's the biggest statement of don't hate the player you know hate the game. I mean that's what these guys are doing. And they're do it to the mexican awesome. Are you on tiktok. I mean. I know what some of this stuff's got to be You know aggravating as you're trying to train to build up your persona on tiktok on star you doing all these things that the social media you have some old work. What he'd want to know them. I i me. I just do our instagram at you. Because i feel like all that's a waste of time in my opinion nor disrespect anybody else doing it. You know. they're doing their own thing on alway. But i feel like. I'm gonna blow up in boxing regardless whether if i had youtube or instagram. You know i'm gonna get noticed just on you know how fight my skill set so i'm not on other stuff I'm just instagram. And let me say. That's my teenage son. That's why i love him in. Have the wall by kids sides because we have to the teacher. The a frontal cortex developed today. twenty five. Yes they do you to twitter instagram on. We have insisted that assist him in running and things like that. We're gonna get more tic tac. Floyd like keeping his life so private is hard to get them to do it tic tac. I'm warming them up as he owed the hill understand the business structure mob. I'll tell you what you've got great chemistry here. You guys should definitely do tiktok channel together and come up with something because you guys definitely have a good flow together. You're so it would be a bunch of pranks on. And that's what. I will be a lot of eyeballs to i guarantee. And then speaking of the fight game here michael fowler is. Your is your opponent coming up april third here. What can the viewers expect to see from the fight. Where can they tune into watch it. I'm not sure where they continue to watch it. But i'm pretty sure. I have the lincoln On my website and on my instagram. And you know. I was just going to put on the show for my family in france that i haven't seen it forever on the vice. Not going all six rounds. You know it's gonna be a stoppage so Just expect a good show. Good nice boxing. Match alario nassar while we give facetime on instagram and facebook. You mentioned.

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