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This traffic report is brought to you by the Better Business Bureau right now, I'm before westbound between John Ireland boulevard and fifth straight. We've got a crash over there sold in that area. You might want to pick about going in a different direction. What else do we have for you? I got a stalled vehicle between the Lowery total and roll that's on. I ninety four eastbound lookout for that. Stalled vehicle there. Let's head south and see what we got going down there. No. That looks thirty five W looking pretty good there. We do have a crash on the sixty two between one twenty one of the cross down in Richfield. So look out for a crash in that area. Again, the crosstown and Minnesota one Twenty-one in Richfield the twin cities film fest. It starts on October seventeenth with almost a hundred and thirty films David Arquette, Tom Arnold, Andrew Zimmer and the Polian dynamite himself. John hater. On the red carpet were more twincities film fest. Mytalk dirt alert update, a quick look at what's happening in entertainment so much dirt on mytalk. Well, when you're lady Gaga you've earned the right to decorate your big fancy mansion in. However, you want and hers means having a gigantic photo of her face which hangs in an empty room in her house became from Bradley Cooper, her co-starring stars worn it was a gift and this fifteen foot photo, it's the last frame of the movie that is so sweet and wonderful. That is. What an amazing director. It's gonna win everything you guys, my mom. She says, you're right. It's gonna win everything. As the empty room lady Gaga. She's saving the space for other mementos from that will continue to come in from Storace born. And she's building the movie Bradley Cooper, Stephanie Jeremiah stars. Joined by her her given name Mayans MC, which is on FX is doing quite well already been renewed for season two after only a few episodes debut back on September fourth and its debut was as good as the sons of anarchy debut several years ago right now. So hungry. We missed the sons of anarchy kind of sons of anarchy light writer, you checked out. I know I I'm in. Oh, I'm up. We're in. We can't resist the combination of motorcycle. I'm out. Join the cast of Harriet that is the new bio-pic Veronica leading the life of Harriet Tubman and could Cynthia a revolt who's not becoming a movie star after being a stage door she will play Harriet Tubman. Oh that Finally I mean that will be a great store. Yeah. Jason's raising money for. The Harriet Tubman shelter. Yep. Leslie, Odom, junior junior also from the stage along with Joe Alwyn. Sees Taylor swift. Being clean, and Scott, and Jennifer nettles, I guess this'll be her movie debut. Well, she played Dolly Parton, mom and medical. Yes. Isn't she from sugar new faith with her new face? I saw new face Leslie Lee Daniels Whitney comes they're gonna develop a need to in comedy. This'll be for Amazon that'd be settled a college campus with companies will star in this long. Her character has to reconcile the whole the dollars between different generations of feminism. And the struggle to reconcile, you know, all the things. Me to say love her. Yes..

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