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Komo news time eight thirty six. Rumors spread last night on social media that there might be some sort of school shooting today at Shelton highschool Shelton police, captain, Mike. Viola totally tells us that several parents called last night to say their kids heard about the plot to be carried out today. And after investigating says it turned out to be nothing to this was a big threat. Or just a misunderstanding. The kind of went awry, so classes are in session today at Shelton high school, but extra police are there just to calm nerves in Tacoma have seven school days to make up because of the teachers strike there. And the district has released a new calendar that shows where those dates will days. Made up a schedule. Some parents are not happy about Mark from komo's Carleen Johnson. Making seven school days will mean fewer days off for thanksgiving Christmas and spring breaks to coma was one of the last districts to read to deal with teachers district. Spokesman Dan voelpel says they did not have the windfall of cash. Some district Scott across the state were treated much differently with this new funding formula getting huge windfalls something like the coma actually getting less money. The district released the schedule for makeup days yesterday, and they've decided to shorten that spring break thanksgiving break in winter break to make up the days instead of tacking them on at the end of the year, and some parents have commented on the district's Facebook page showing they're not happy about that one writes, this seems like the worst possible plan this will hurt families an impact all the wonderful community organizations who run camps during the holidays. Tacoma news Tribune reports Puyallup kipnes will make up there. Three days at the end of the year in June. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. Judge has found probable cause to keep a couple locked up there accused in the. Murder of a sixty seven year old Renton man, and they didn't appear in court yesterday. Detectives say was last week that thirty nine year old Jeremy Shaw pepper sprayed the victim. Then bludgeoned him over the head until he died the next day. Investigators say to handyman found the dead man, wrapped in a comforter and a tarp with his hands and feet bound deputies say, Sean and his wife Lorena stole the man's belongings, including his car, which they burned into coma. Police have now captured both teenage suspects who are of stealing from an Auburn convenience store while the clerk was having a heart attack. Komo's Tammy Mutasa says the clerk is now home after nearly two weeks in the hospital and his ten year old son Mazen still can't understand why the teenagers or so heartless sad. How did that happens wreath having a heart attack while confronting the two teens about paying for snacks after a wreath collapsed? Police say instead of helping him and calling nine one one but two teams stole money and left him magazine is translating. More day looked at ten jumped over the counter took everything police say they finally caught a thirteen year old boy into coma. Then the second seventeen year old boy turned himself in. The hope to be back to work in about a month. Or so the teams have been booked into the King County juvenile detention center, one faces three felonies there's latest poll out this morning and the race for the eighth district congressional seat on the east side. And it shows it's close race. It's the New York Times Sienna college poll, and it shows democrat Kim schreier with a forty six percent lead over Dino Rossi's Forty-five percent. Nine percent undecided. In two thousand sixteen incumbent Dave Reichert, who's not running again won reelection by twenty percentage points. The Seattle times reports this poll was conducted as part of an experiment in live polling showing the results in real time. As they float in mapping all across the eighth congressional district. State regulators have denied a request by hoist her growers to use a pesticide to control burrowing shrimp in eastern clam beds and southwest Washington department of ecology said yesterday at finalized its decision. After getting thousands of comments dealer approved recently by the King County council to spend one hundred thirty five million. Dollars of hotel tax revenue for Safeco field maintenance, over the next twenty five years is being challenged a group wants the public to vote on that deal and yesterday Seattle attorney filed a petition with the county council next they'll have to gather more than forty thousand. Valid signatures over the next forty five days to for it to qualify for the ballot. Komo news time eight forty that's trying to get to the KOMO sports desk. Brought to you this time by divorce lawyers for men, here's Tom hutler. Well, the huskies are seventeen point favorites over number twenty Brigham Young tomorrow evening on montlake, the Cougars have a couple of impressive wins over Zona, and Wisconsin, they can run it. They could throw it. That means Washington safeties will have a busy day says coach Chris video. Yeah. I mean to safety you're going to have to be evolved. I think anytime you're.

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