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Yeah the Florida which is about thirty miles north of Orlando and I want to take you to a bar round chicken brown cow orgy Meron chicken brown concrete your eyes that was a weird invitation Bradley but night orgy cash I'll go shall we go to your orgy and it's a retired or G. because we've got a sixty three year old in question at this I mean Bungie Manji a lot of glucosamine chondroitin supplements you're gonna take before that thing yeah I know I'm gonna get hate mail whatever anyway health health okay so positioning gonna end up and exactly so apparently this party there were like twenty people it was kind of a come and go as you please sort of side was that's that's how it was described had that it was the guys who through this party room had about twenty guests I believe the only knew about five or six of these people personally I wonder what could go wrong also there was a theme at this party can you imagine what the orgy thing was blindfolds full beam I don't know the theme of the party was anonymous sex I mean that let's say that that's not clever at all no that's just like you just invited strangers yeah that's not a theme that's just like an instruction manual well if your theme the if you're orgy famous anonymous sacks what could go wrong everything basically because because you don't know they're showing and you don't know where I am in fact that's exactly what happened so of these twenty gaster so name some stuff went down there rescind you know happy times you know what is the best of times it was the worst there was some I guess frolicking in up wool and there's a lot of entertaining going ham yeah anyway that's not what made this crazy stupid idiots at its just forging in Florida with bunches sixty nothing to see here old just me a sixty year old having sex soon if something happens something something happen and something went away let's put it this way somebody stole something from the house wasn't so many body parts no no but actually you might have thought they were grabbing a body part when they were grabbing this item the that was a loose connection I'll I bet it would add that this whole event a lot was loose and that's Ernie they stole a gun deer yeah wow so it turns out that they had left a gun got into an orgy the gun out of the origin of the homeowners rangy is they had their guns stored and they're really ticked off that somebody stole their gun he's pointed out rightly so I think well you had a the film was anonymous sex and a bunch of strangers over also guest were encouraged to utilize fictitious names or use no name at all they could bring any friends or acquaintances they desired so it just seems like back from the set up like if you're going to have your maybe that they were asking for don't leave a Glock ouch you're gonna rock out with your Glock in a drawer okay and apparently there is like a no he purchased the gun for four hundred forty dollars I thought maybe they'd stolen that as well but now they just took the gun and I would suggest two things one just put your gun away yeah hide your gun at the orgy yeah I mean yeah I see what you mean was there another suggestion now okay it's Friday but I don't wanna get too loose with my lips other things that you don't hear in an orgy all right you said it not me for our last things Holly for our final crazy stupid idiots we're gonna go to Manchester New Hampshire where on Monday night Christy Benoit who is twenty years old call the police to report that her neighbor had assaulted her and she was angry I'm and when the cops came to the what had gone down she was bloodied and she looked as though she had been hurt in the process she explains the police that her neighbor had broken down the door and punched and scratched her and they and the police witness she had black eyes and scratches on her arms and legs and sure it had read scenes on it and she also had shared with officers that the assault had caused her to get these black eyes and also for her nose to believe and the officers found blood in the kitchen and the living room and the bathroom they found a coffee table out of place they found a broken play and it looks like a place where somebody had come in in a rough somebody up but after the looks a little bit closer at the blood that that that was in the home and they thought that does not look like blood and then as they search the home further they found it to be a vampire blood god and then a second look they realize that the black guys that miss Benoit had were not actually black eyes but rather eye shadow she had it completely fabricated the idea that her neighbor had roughed her up and so now she's facing charges of giving a false police report and falsifying physical evidence okay also how did she think she was getting away with vast even like case check you out no no don't touch me this is a case of not playing the tape all the way through yeah exactly don't do it if you're mad at your neighbor find a different way to DO slash K. years following while leaving bag of doggie doo on their front porch like normal people I was just gonna say like by the way some around up on a patch of grass or something but you see that there is a person there was a person who she claims that she somebody slash your tires and then one very keen eyed Twitter observer noticed that it like it literally was able to do like a bunch of Angela Lansbury murder she wrote Jessica Fletcher style on the picture of the slash tires and and like point out the five reasons why this was a tire that had gotten an accident and she had just pretended to make it look like wow and slashed so I'm just saying people will always find out the truth yeah don't try to pull a fast one just don't lie don't lie tell the truth all right and give a hoot don't pollute right now what we learn today don't lie don't leave your got out and Lori jeans ago yeah don't leave your gun out at an orgy I don't want to have **** at an orgy you know when we come back in the coming in Bradley show we're gonna play a little game that game is called the throwback live real do that after this on my tongue one of seven one the clean and Bradley shell.

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