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Of Team USA Good to have you with us Two 38 Traffic and weather on the 8 sheers Joe Conway the traffic center Michael strutted off in Maryland where things are still going quite well on the major highways no reported problems on four 95 as you drive through Montgomery and prince George's counties Baltimore Washington park we are slowing briefly northbound through greenbelt heading toward one 97 but nothing currently reported blocking for you 50 in Maryland good between the bay bridge and the capitol bellway On Maryland two 95 southbound they're out with a crash near the exit ramp for I one 95 Watch it for the response to get you by may cause a brief slowdown heads up if you're heading to BWI thurgood Marshall airport it may slow you down a little bit but you should be able to make your flight or make your pickup if necessary driving on the two 70 quarter no reported problems for you I 70 mostly in good shape in Hagerstown reminder that the exit ramp from southbound 81 to go east and I 70s is blocked because of the rollover crash same goes for eastbound 70 drivers can not accidentally I 81 north because of this crash occurred at the end of that ramp You've got detour in place the delays apparently fairly brief On the Virginia side of things no reports of any issues for you on the capitol beltway went out to clear some debris on the beltway near Eisenhower avenue 95 corridors sat down sewing across the octagon between lorton and woodbridge easy past things are of course northbound We are brought to you by window nation's virtual home show on now by two windows get to free no limit and pay nothing for two years get once a year savings now Visit window nation dot com slash home show I'm Joe Conway WTO traffic now to storm team four meteorologist Mike stenner Light snow or flurries will continue at times this afternoon little or no accumulation And we'll get above freezing our highs will be in the mid 30s to lower 40s but tonight temperatures have jumped into the low to mid 20s and are mostly cloudy skies there will be a refreeze.

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