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The thing that comes to mind about them trying to gauge interest with a survey is maybe like there's some internal argument going on about how important this is yeah unlike somebody wants the ammunition yeah lately numbers down on these it presented to people they need galbraith way i mean it doesn't come free rights hours of engineers time if they've got an estimate saying hey this is actually not easy to do they need to be able to say well we have to do it because people need this it should be but it should be obvious just even from a hearts and minds if not a raw numbers perspective at this is something they have to do they should probably have just bitten this bullet a long time ago like when the ps4 launched a f this is yeah probably something they should have done by now i'll give them some credit the downloads of life i still missing me is it's a typically i right i've been it's been wave faster if had a couple of days there i guess is more often than not that it is faster but i had a couple of times where it's been like oh i well now turn this off xbox live on their their hands gotten super slow i don't know what's up with a razor you've got crazy fat and then i feel like lately it's in the less fast like when i first got my good internet i was like holy shit xbox live moves and now it's like maybe a fifth of starts of well okay i don't know you start to wonder if that's like hey can we cut costs right around the edges of the xbox business so uh that was my serve it up a little less fast to people what the fuck is molly per cell on that many continent hey come on yeah i wonder those my fall to you i would think that they were just keep it on full blast because it's microsoft and they only cloud platform of their own that they could use for distribution and it could be something they could you know.

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