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Us no trouble at all. What Bruce Manning did his time sheriff? Ten years a year and seven the good behavior he was released two days ago so now share right any further developments. Yes bill are the missing body has been found where on the beach below the old house. Somebody evidently threw it into the ocean. Forgot that the current in that part of the bay washes everything right back into shore. Oh I see well who was he. reuss manning bruce well. He's still in prison. He was in prison bill. Oh you you mean. He escaped how he didn't escape. He was released released when two days ago but he was given a ten year sentence. He got time off for good behavior. I see well and that means you must have had the money hidden in the old house. He came back together together. And yes bill and what. It's pretty obvious. Somebody followed him and killed him. You know that's the way we've got it figured bill. Are you sure you didn't know that manning was being released from prison. Of course I'm sure how would I know you could have read it in the paper. It wasn't in the paper. I read the paper every day. There wasn't a line about it. Wait a minute don't you. Using I kill Bill. Are you sure there was nothing in the paper about Bruce Manning's release. I'm positive did you see anything about Manning's releasing the paper share. Well no but it doesn't prove anything thing. I never read the local sheet. I'm sorry bill but I've got to hold you on suspicion of murder. He didn't kill him. Roy You've gotta believe me. I swear I didn't the Laura What can I do is Mr Richard Here Jack?.

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