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Profits data for China. First, for the month of August alone, an increase year on year of seventeen point two percent. But then if you look at the figures year to date. So from January through to August, negative eleven point seven percent. And that is a year over year figure. Right now, a little bit of strength in the offshore Chinese currency seven spot three zero six zero against the greenback stronger by about a tenth of one percent. The dollar steady and a little bit of strength in the end, not by much. We're just under one forty nine against the greenback. Right now in Seoul, the cost be down a tenth of one percent. In Sydney, the ASX 200 is weaker by two tenths of one percent. U .S. Treasury yields drifting particularly at the short end. The two years down more than seven basis points now at five point zero four percent a ten -year off a little more than two basis points at four point five one percent. We'll take another look at markets for you in about fifteen minutes. Dan Schwartzman is here with a look at global sports. Thanks, Danny. Doug, let's start out in European football. Manchester United in need of a win. They are absolutely banged up. get They it in a Carabao Cup matchup. They shut out Crystal Palace 3 -0. In Spain, the table center in La Liga. Barcelona struggles on the road at Mallorca. They played the two -all draw. 5 -2 -0 on the season. German DFB -Pokal -Byran -Munich dominates Pruben -Münster 4 -0 in Serie Aventis getting past Lecce 1 -0. Will Lionel Messi play tomorrow in the Lamar Hunt U .S. final? Open Cup Well, his coach Tata Martino at Into Miami says it is a game day decision as Messi is dealing with an old scar tissue problem. And his teammate Jordi Alba, who also of course was his longtime teammate in Barcelona, most likely not going to play dealing with muscle soreness. Sad news coming out of Major League Baseball Hall of Fame third baseman Brooks Robinson spent his career with the Baltimore Orioles has passed away at the age of 86.

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