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Member I thought this chartered did well. I mean even Kevin didn't sack so congrats Kevin Thank you Pity so yeah so they got a tip. That's like sixteen thousand which is about fifteen hundred per person which is on the lower end cates cates. Not Happy she's like you know this was like this is not the tip I was expecting. You're hoping for I mean there were children generally requests. The boat was Santo. The boat was filled with smoke and Ashen cancelled the beach party emphasis on Ashton cancelling the beach party. So I guess I guess I can't really be surprised. Why am I the only one who's GonNa job anyone doing other work here? Where did that come from and are? They didn't really build that up. They ended up a little bit. That was getting tired of the lack of respect for Iraq but they. It's sort of wedged that in there. Yeah it just seemed to come out of nowhere like why am I can work from Kuwait so so Ashton is like who wants to flake the chain and Riley's like I'll be fake today. He's like good job Riley play. I'M GONNA keep saying flake until I get laugh. FUCKING radio So so now they dock docking docking. Docking were coming coming in. We're coming in. Oh God oh God the both coming in. It's going to help. We've done a good job. Kid did a great job. That was great. So so cats with Coordinators which is. Why are you so grumpy? I like that that's fun. She's leave at like five today. I had I don't have any time off to go on a date. I'm Brian who ask someone out on the same day date you give it to you. Business Days at least manner from Mars women are from Venus and I like it go of renaissance. She's not she's not really wrong and she's like but then again. Brian lives five five feet away from me. And I'm like I like him so I'll go but you're gonNA wear. I have nothing to wear. I've never seen this side of you. What is it an iron aside? Because that's new so so that yes. Oh so while Courtney's preparing to go reluctantly going to date. Tanner is simultaneously. Tenuously planning his big break up with Simone so yeah and he was like saying that he doesn't you know is doing this whole spiel about how he doesn't want people get get on his case when hits another girl at the club. You know what I'm saying. I don't want everyone yelling at me next time. I go up to an employee of restaurant rubbing my crotch all over all right. Yea I don't want people to get off of my business. Next time I go up to a pot of plans to make out with it thinking that it might be you know what I'm saying. Yeah I love the tanners acting like he could have been getting all this ass that he just wasn't. Yeah of Simone like Dude the only thing that touched you was employed to be there and she was trying really hard not to test you and actually like ran away from her post so she didn't have to be touched by you. Please get over yourself seriously. He like reminds me of. I don't know if you ever saw the Mary Katherine Gallagher. Movie with Molly Shannon There's worse it's like so good and totally totally underrated and like one of the best scenes is when the Shannon makes out with a tree. That is like tanner in real life. Though he like literally like he probably thinks like trees are like hot girls. Hey what's going on. I just wanted to know that I have an opt out policy so If you don't WanNa kiss me back say something not saying anything. I'm GonNa make you tree tree. Kevin is talking to his. I love the Galley. He's like I'm feeling good about off front dates. Eight immoral A.. Ah So then Ashton calls this mom now this is like when someone calls their parents right before they get eliminated on project runway or option like acids are about to have a really bad day. So let's just humanize him a little bitch Halley Ashton back home so she's like Hoya Creation. Has it going home just to say hi okay. Is there an unconventional materials challenger. Not on project runway more Mama Cylinder Boat Show but you all making address data tree. Then why would you like to see all of your old daughter who you miss very much and just need. I heard to help you get through the next few days mom. I don't even have a four year. Old Daughter Tim Connelly's taking care of your baby. Mamas doesn't project runway. Hey we want to talk about. Do we want to talk about food. Saved Your Life WanNa talk about that. You lived in Nevada because of your drug addiction more. That never happened so She's like an he tells us his back story about. His parents divorced destroying him and she's like well how about that other lady. Then you're okay with her. He's kate will be kate mom. Maybe the hardy girl shoulder model. She's been fired since then. Ah So then courtney. Brian go on their day. And and Tannin sins goad have their break-up drink so first let's go to Brian Corny at a at a bar called. Dudek apostrophe deck did ECHO which also looks. Looks like it might only be about ten feet from the boat so they go in like a little car and they sit down and Brian's like do you want some champagne and she goes I am. I don't think they've champagne here wearing Thailand. He's like all what under saint paying what they have here. Doesn't it's an exist. So then she goes. I'M GONNA GRONYEA's Jato wait so you're saying that Thailand is this far flung one country they don't even have champagne one of the most popular like wines in the entire world. And then you're going to order this super super specific like variant of Negroni. Rony also. I'll have a number two super size with the site of having buster ranch plea vein vein I am. I would really like an old fashioned but like one that only uses bourbon that's locally sourced to A Certain County in Tennessee. Do you Have that okay this the champagne. Oh sorry forgot Thailand. WHO So? She's like I'm sorry a bit grumpy it was like well. Yeah look make trump to cheer you up here. I am and he's all disappointed and tells us she'll come around. Hopefully which are the puppy here. I know but then he doesn't help matters when he tries the order. He's like he's like. Can we get one to grow. Ni Now Negroni Smith now playing on how so she just size and he's like I don't know what to do. We can go back to the boat and relax. We can go tonight have actually talked about something you something you know do something better so yeah ask ask you just got what is she supposed to do. Just like go down on you because you took her out someplace. Yeah and then I should mention mentioned just to finish out this arc of the Negroni that it does arrive and she sips it is like is it the Negroni with the sparkling line. She's now a regular in agronomy and she's she's like mount by the way also mentioned that her version of this version has sparkling wine in it. I don't think a regular in the GRUNGY does but either way whatever it is has a sparkling wine in it. That's basically the same as champagne. Championship sparkling Wine Champagne region. So it's of that quality but when he said you WANNA get champagne just like why. Don't we get sparkling wine. You know what I'm saying. Yes ideally kind of upset. He's dumb but yeah you know I mean. She's almost makes me wonder if she ordered the grenade sloughing JATO JR and descried ride this ingredients. Just that way as a test to see if you'd be like oh well if they have sparkling wine we can just get that right like maybe he didn't pick up on. That was like I'm feeling the test. Yeah like you don't even champagne as champagne. I got obviously really we wrapped up in this whole Negroni situation. Well Tanner. Tanner pulled Simone aside psychic. Yes tanner and he's like. You know to be honest I feel like different mind waves. Let's just like I think we're on the same wind wave in these people that use the word Mont Way. Who Burns you say? What is it mind wave? And so she's like no. I'm pretty sure we're than say mine. I'll want to lead you on on. And she's like you're not leading me on N. G. When you said you wanted a fun. I knew what you were saying. I got it. He's like. Yeah so what I'm saying is I want to keep because will so I'm GonNa give you the keys to my apartment. That's what I'm saying. I was drunk. I don't remember. I was drunk when I said that. So I don't remember that but you know I don't WanNa hurt you. You didn't hurt me but I just WanNa have fun. She's like okay. That's great have fun and so she'd lasts to make him more comfortable and she's like it's fine line like it seriously. It's amazing how you such a cool chick. She is such a fuck boy you know he says yeah. Thanks for the thanks. Thanks for the approval. Tanner thanks for. Thanks for new into the cool check so then back on the day courtney's just like I wish I could be lying down like I'm just getting lower and lower on this chair away. Okay I'm only my head is on the chair and my buddy sort of over okay. No I'm on the floor. I'm on the floor down warning warning. I spent a lot of energy and time on this date. So what was it to go kart like what what what was it. That was not owed. You're not owed a good date. Although to be fair. She was clearly not in the mood to go on a day. And it's like so. Don't go on the date. I I feel like the producers made her go on this date and she was like really not in the mood to do it. Yeah but also like you're dating us our purpose and then you're like she's Osama puss. Let's you know they both. They both like had had like a many different ways to avoid the situation like she was not in the mood. She should have gone on the date. He's hitting someone who doesn't want to go on a date at five five o'clock and he should've like picked up on that and like you said it's getting us our purpose. She's looking representative. That's what's going to happen. Yeah she's actually don't think she's a sour plus. I think that she's just like you know. I think she just likes. She likes really likes things on her own terms. And I think that's the ongoing problem. I would not even be the on base I cannot even walk like Sao hot air remember. Her first episode was like beaching it when she had to the beach with tanner. He's like Jesus Christ. You always like this like yeah. She's not a therapist. She's a Ben. You're not a sour focus..

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