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Got Jack Lambert Andy Russell, Jack ham. I got a couple hall of famers air. I got mean, Joe Greene. And l c Greenwood Ernie Ernie Holmes. Smell blunts back their main God that that Steeler defense. Let me put some respect like Birdman would say on the Steelers steel curtain defense. Well, it's the fun part of all this is something actually I wanted to get into with, you know, beginning here's the fun part of the Super Bowl in the history of it is the the greatness that we're able to compare and contrast and Brady and Montana and all that stuff. But I wanna lead to something that I don't think I don't know man, I've been right in the middle of it. And so maybe I've just damore immune to it. Like our sought the bulls with Michael Scottie, and then, you know, Rodman one addition Horace Grant, the other addition stuff and the Showtime Lakers, and then even the bird Celtics will make those are just the pantheon teams. Rod. I don't know if anybody's better than these warriors. I really don't let me Steph clay Draymond Durant and DeMarcus cousins bringing Sean and Andrei McKinney. Repco Quinn, cook looney a main man, I I just I don't know, man. We might be watching. This might be the best team that's ever played. They are going to win. At least sixty games, I think so possibly more. Now, they will not get to seventy three. Now that will not happen. But the difference between the seventy three win team. And this one is that this quad barring injury is going to win a championship. If this warriors squad win sixty plus games, high sixties, especially and they have a playoffs as the warriors had in two thousand seventeen where they lost how many games although in sixteen and one. Yeah, if they have that type of postseason, but say probably won't because the league is better than that. But if they have if they have a let's say a fourteen when postseason K coupled with a mid sixties high sixties regular season win total then this warrior team in terms of. Accomplishments regular season postseason. This warriors squad is better than the Seventy-three windy. Yeah. You know, you start to stack it up, and it's like, what Tiger Woods you want to wait to see it all done because you never know which direction it could go into. But if they win three in a row and four out of five and given the guys are at and there is a certain level of dominance attached to play off dominates. I think if they go through. The first two rounds in only drop. Two to three games came then they get to the west finals and they win in six and they get to the finals and they win in six. I think there is obviously as I got deeper into this this hypothetical yet, very real playoff run for the warriors. Is I got deeper into it west finals in the NBA finals, assuming the competition is going to be stiffer. I'm fording the potential competitors in the western finals for the warriors in the NBA finals. I'm forgetting them the respect and saying that that's going to be a six game series. I think that would be fair to say again for this hypothetical opponent. But if you rip through the first two rounds, and you are are steady and Representative of yourself and your season in the conference finals in the NBA finals coming off of a potential sixty five sixty eight win season with the way. These warriors are currently constructed. You're talking about a season of dominance in. And obviously, you know, the warriors head their issues. The beginning of the season leading up to say it all came to a head on Christmas day, but what they're doing right now. And if this current pace keeps up I mean, you just it's it's hard to say that this squad is not doing something that is almost unprecedented. Yeah. I think the the the deal with DeMarcus is where I'm kind getting at now because it's just and I like where you said that postseason dominance will factor into how you look at legacy down part of it. It's always going to be that way. But it's like, you know, I was like, okay, Michael and Scottie f the deal was Steph and clay. All right. You know, Michael, Jordan, Scottie, Pippen like, whoa. That's pretty amazing. But then Rodman and Draymond green. Cancel themselves out. Okay. That's that's fine. Blessedly in very hilarious fashion. But Durant versus Tony Cuco or whatever. And or DeMarcus cousins versus Bill Wennington owned Bill Cartwright. Like, that's where the warriors. And then okay. The bulls are bringing Ron Harper and other guys have guys like Paxton incurred, depending on which addition of but I'm bringing Livingston and IGA Dala. The warriors are having more guys who can do more things. They didn't have this at the beginning of the season with the warriors were relying on just their their right overwhelming, offense and. Their prowess in a last year. It was again just their overwhelming talents and their ability to to score at will and to play championship defense when they need to. But what the warriors have right now with the addition of DeMarcus cousins and the way that everybody else is playing off that everybody's neatly fitting into roles, they are uniquely qualified for you. Now have a warrior team just like previous iterations that have won championships. They've got more dudes who can do more things. That's just all it boils down to no one else can match that. And they just they're so deep right now. I mean, that's the Kvant looney is a damn good player and shot and Andrei interrupt co in McKinney. It's just like. God they got everything right now. And and they're starting to five all stars. I mean, it really they I thought they had a ten game winning streak in them at some point this season because they do whatever year you only team to do at six years in a row now. But I did not see it when they were going to have sixteen of seventeen days on the road. You don't call the road and went eleven and. What what are you? Are you kidding me? I know one guy who knew. God damn you're looking at him. I told you I told you this was the point where they were going to match the gas. Yeah. Before they got DeMarcus cousins once they beat Dallas and Denver. In the middle of the street, which is out eleven games that let me know that the warriors were on one. There's no doubt my mind that it was going to happen as it is happening right now, and it will continue. Yeah. It's it's super fun to watch. We're enjoying the hell out of it. And. Man, this is and now, you know, bring on and and Philly bring on LeBron bring on San Antonio. Here we go let's line them up. Let's go. Listen. I do wanna shout out one guy because the way it went down for him a few days ago in LA would Steve Kerr wasn't a good look for him at all. And we talked about this yesterday prior to the warriors eventual beating of the Pacers by thirty two points is that we wanted to see Jordan bell have his moment like jail McGee head is moment last year in Utah. And the numbers aren't the same. Because jail was was was just eight-plus. Excellent that day, but that was the opportunity for jail to save a season. And he did going out there playing his game stand on the floor and the rest is history. Joined bell had that moment last night and the way in the way, he planned the way because he played the way he supposed. Hanging around the rim being being an energy guy blocking shots finishing around the rim. When you get those opportunities. I just wanted. I just want to name check it because I was unbelievable last night DeMarcus cousins just sending shockwaves through the league with how he is quickly integrated with the warriors, and and you mentioned dollar and Livingston at how fresh and bouncy. They look but in the season where you kind of have these these stories these narratives, shutout, Jordan bell. He had that he couldn't miss up last night. And he took full advantage of it. And almost nineteen minutes. Four five from the field. Yep. Three. I'm sorry. Five rebounds, three of them. Offensive..

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