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Like Scotty in West Virginia, who joins us on ESPN radio. What's up, Scott? Go ahead. What's happening, guys? Hey, before I get to my mom, my beautiful mother. I just want to say it's so nice to have a Steeler fan on the radio beside Steven. I suck up to our producer Actually, with your stealer love some 48 37, I think is that it has been The ball yet has been going down for the ball yet, Scott, Come on. Uh, we don't get to my brother now. Now when I was growing up this was years ago Old man back in the eighties, You know, she worked two jobs, and I played Little League baseball, football basketball and she got me to all my practices and games. Well, one particular baseball game. He was asked on pile 1st and 2nd base. Okay, so I hit the crap out of the ball and over the right field, his head and I'm running around the bases and my mother is following me from 1st 2nd 3rd home. Just good boy. So but go now, we'll never figured that That was 40 years ago. I will never forget that. That was just awesome. That is awesome. Mom. She loved you. Oh, my gosh. Thank you, Scott. I appreciate the call. Those stories are just priceless. And I'm glad, Roz. I did not have the parents that would scream at the officials because that those every team has won And you know that it comes from a place of love. But it is mortifying to be that kid. So be nice to your Empire's this summer. Be nice to your football officials Be nice involved, likely every every sport whatever it is just Be respectful, please. Triple eight, say ESPN 887293776. Private time on ESPN radio. I'm Aaron Goldhammer with Rose gold on what they were asking you. How did your mom shape your love of sports? Nicky is in Indiana's on ESPN radio. Hi, Nikki. Hi. Um, I grew up in Indiana and my mom. Huge fan of Indiana basketball. I remember when I was a kid. I didn't quite understand what was going on on the TV. So I play in the kitchen with my toys. And then whenever I hear screaming, I run in the living room, and they were hollering at the TVs, the IU basketball and, you know, kind of fast forward to when my son was in high school sports. I And remember being at one of his games for they were playing JV and the parents section was hollering so loud that they officials through a flowered basically on on us. Give us a sideline. Morning. Tell us to be quiet, so, but, yeah, big big fans of Indiana basketball. We own a sports bar and A lot of fun, Nicky, thanks for the call. And thanks for sharing your story realized Ross as you hear these stories, like so much of our love of sports, and so much of what we care about comes from our family and comes from our parents. I can remember. My mom is a huge tennis fan. In a good tennis player. And when I was a kid Australian Open She would wake up in the middle of the night like she would set her alarm at two a.m. to get out of bed and go downstairs to watch the Australian Open happen Live. Because it just wasn't the same tow. Watch it on tape delay on ESPN two or whatever the next day like that's Yes, she's a serious fan. That's right. And you know she. Her mood that day, you know, would be dictated by whether Rafa Nadal or Andre Agassi, whoever she liked, had won or lost. I I unfortunately kind of carried that in too. Especially when I was a little kid. I you know, maybe the games were a little bit. Maybe the games were a little bit too important. Triple eight, say ESPN 887293776. That's 88 say ESPN. Roger. You 100% sure that Nicola Yokich is gonna win the M v p in the MBA. Yeah, I think it's pretty much his toe win. Um, you know, this is someone who the real icing on the cake for me was basically what the team the Nuggets have been able to do with Jamal Murray going down. It really showed that he was continue to keep the team of float. He's averaging like a near You know, 26.11 rebound like I think 8.5 assist something like that kind of near triple dust Averaging a triple double. Yeah, it's about rush. But and those air all statistically significant numbers, career highs and points and rebounds and assists like I mean, I was just talking about this. Like Um, you know, and then it's not a participation trophy, so he has played all the games while you know, indeed hasn't but you know, he's really been the most consistently dominant skilled and present s O. You know, his team's third. I think third right now in the last That's what matters. Yeah, I think it's too bad and beat got hurt. And LeBron got hurt. They would have been up there the other guy to think about here, and I know his team's gonna face the play in. But Steph has just been on a terror. Yeah, No, but his team's not good enough. He won't win the MVPs. Steph is that could be the most valuable player to his team, but he just he and when you look at who he's got playing around him and missing clay, and obviously Durant, not their Wiseman going out. I think he at least he both He and Westbrook deserve a mentioned with the way that they played over the course. Over the last couple months. It is a final at Staples. By the way, Nick's 106 clippers 100, they clinched a playoff spot. It's gonna be fun to watch the Knicks in the playoffs up next Braves Phillies on most ESPN affiliates or Pod Center. This is prime time ESPN radio, the ESPN app. It's green,.

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