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Traffic and weather together on the NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD. It's one forty eight. And Finally, I think we are clear in oak cliff southbound thirty-five year Illinois that new Fender bender and the two center lanes. They exchanged information drove off. So the delight from downtown Dallas is starting to break up as still plan on an extra ten minutes as you head out of downtown northbound thirty five hundred Illinois that pothole repair has cleared again for now the pack up to Overton on thirty five and onto northbound sixty seven from Polk is breaking up as well. But look for more pothole repair in that area right around the I thirty five sixty seven merge in north Dallas, southbound seventy five right after six thirty five an accident in the left lane means of backup to beltline that is a ten minutes slow down. Now new reports have an accident on the eastbound side of six thirty five just before the quite exit seeing some sluggish traffic from Preston while emergency crews are in route in Dallas northbound Dallas north tollway from northwest highway up to Park Lane. There's concern. In the right lane. Now in the backup at lovers. There's a new accident on the right shoulder. And when the fire department gets there, probably the right lane blocked as well. So about ten minutes slow down overall northbound on the Dallas north tollway. And east of eastbound I twenty between Wilson road and FM 429 construction in the right lane thirty minute delay back into Terrel proper. So highway eighty might be better. I'm John little your next report at one fifty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they.

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