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Have people travel back and forth maybe sports diplomacy north koreans love basketball of find ways to engage but most importantly i commend them for a having this initial meeting between the president and cancer lune alone get the know each other feel each other out they're not gonna pin each other down on the real substance of nuclear stuff but it's more a matter of a personal relationship which for the north koreans this critical yeah governor richardson i i appreciate your expertise on this i i'm going to end it here i've got some some news i just learned some breaking news just being told that larry cudlow president trump has just tweeted that larry cudlow has had a heart attack the tweet reads are are great larry cudlow who's been working so hard on trade and the economy is just suffered a heart attack is now in walter reed medical center that tweet just being sent from from president trump learn lou jus appeared on jake tapper show describing what his version of events and his feelings about what to place the seven summit obviously larry cudlow formerly from fox business news has recently gone to the white house so we'll continue to try to follow up on any information that we hear but that president trump tweeting kudlow has suffered a heart attack right now is in walter reed medical center want to put the tweet extra now on the screen are great larry cudlow who's been working so hard and trade in the economy is suffered a heart attack is now in walter reed medical center obviously we wish him his the best and we'll be our our thoughts and prayers are with him and obviously with his family at this time we'll continue to keep you informed about that kudlow obviously not part of the team i want to bring back in a governor richardson you met kim jong un's father kim jong il in two thousand and five i i was reading account of meeting he had with madeleine albright in which he didn't need to go to some of his officials for details on his nuclear program that he seemed very well informed and well very well versed on the manute details of his nuclear program do kim joiner and does not have the same level of experiences kim jongun but do you think he has that that level of of knowledge about his nuclear program.

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