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The future but now the concern Missy thank you quick call Dennis Illinois Dennis you're on the Sean Hannity show doctor Constantinou Betsy McCoy real quick we're short on time very good my wife is a flight attendant and flying all over the country continues to fly as we know airfares not err therein should not shut down yes and she's really concerned about the fact that her protective apparel or is is not limited to none she can't work should not permitted to wear a face mask passenger coughing and that she still flying they say they're cleaning the planes especially at night but that has happened that night why would they prevent her from wearing a mask and gloves that's that is just ridiculous No shoes allowed to wear gloves because what's happened is she has to bring them from home because everybody stealing them passengers are actually stealing toilet paper hand sanitizer off the planes I don't everything is time to be a flight attendant very unsafe time I agree I mean is this Dr Peter concertino I'm Bob Morgan foreign airlines and they say you can't wear gloves and masks I'm saying goodbye and you got on I think a potential lawsuit down the road yeah I'm having trouble with that one as far as the risk I wish I could tell you that she wasn't at an increased risk of my assessment is that she is any materially increased risk when you put droplets in the air they go six feet ten feet minimum and they can persist for three hours at altitude because the very low humidity the droplets tend to evaporate much more quickly so there is some decrease risk inside in an aircraft alternately it's greater than it is on the ground and I don't think mass you be prohibited our gloves they should all be wearing gloves and not to mention the fact that all the surfaces in the up in the airplane or contaminated by the expression of these droplets are gonna troubles are you guys doing you guys have been great doctor P. Constantinos thank you bet you record thank you you'll hear the inside story that only one else has streaming media winds information station is and forty K. T. R. H. all right I have a question how often is a I slept horribly last night or it took me forever to fall asleep for I couldn't get back to sleep now look if you're not sleeping well or maybe you're worried about taking the sleep aids maybe you want to explore C. B. D. for sleep now CBD is the natural.

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