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The voters now they are looking for something new or someone else. Why is that? Well, we can say as a. President elect the bus Alano is something like Trump, but about is not the same as Hillary Clinton. They two different persons. About. Just presents the workers the poppy. And poppy and does something for the poor people. So well, some people in Brazil concerned about the possibility that if adopted. Other can get office can get power in Brazil, then Brazil will become a second Venezuela or second to Cuba. That's why people vote for for not. But at the same time, we must understand that many voters don't like narrow so you can see that as a whole you something like forty something. And also fifty something the whole society is highly divided. So this is also a challenge you for the new president T must I'm seeing narrows divide between between the two sides. So if we look at the situations around the world, we see Pakistan, his has elected a former cricket star as new prime minister and various President George wear used. To be a footballer, and plus Donald foam and the job narrowed. You think it is reflection of anxiety, not only in Brazil, which is economy is in difficulty and with high crime rates, but also among the voters around the world that that this world is changing faster that current politicians can can hardly manage. Well. Yes, you're right. You know, impractical life when someone dome lack of banana, then there will try to eat that kind of able they want to see which is better. So nowadays, all I wanna say in the in the pasta when baking also many countries in the world. This is kind of a kind of political knowledge, which is the anti establishment. Okay. So people don't like this kind of politicians. So they want to try another type of politicians. They so they believe that. Now, the politician in the camp of anti establishment might you in all kinds of problems. So they want to vote for this guy like narrow so what will be the challenges ahead for job Nora when he takes office. Well, lots of things my understanding that the economy is the most important that you cannot promote canonic worse later, then people will be angry. So I would say that the buzzer narrow should put push your phone economic growth. Right. I. And I just regard. I was saying China can offer a certain kind of a helping hand for him. But as you know, that income plan he said something which you would she was not so friendly China. So I hope he will change his mind that he will take some kind of friendly measures regarding Chinese investment, and the China relationship, Brazil, we we must we must have know that between China, and the Brazil, we have some comprehensive strategic partnership. This partnership is very important this partnership in China and also good for Brazil. Yes, actually asked you said boss narrow one said, the Chinese are not buying in Brazil. They are buying Brazil. How'd you look at such comments? Well, because she's a Trump of Brazil. So in the campaign, he keeps the say anything so well in order to attract attention from the media. So he wanted to say seventeen way to or not true at all. So I hope that when he comes into office. He will change his mind, and let's go back to the challenges for job. Awesome Nuoro like what what about the challenges in the congress? Well, first of all, I was I he repond the not enough. To push you on with any kind of policy actions. And in some cases, g needs to gain the support from other parties, even including the some of the workers passage, so I will say in the congress, I think he will try some clever tactics or or try to use clever strategic to win enough support for she bowed policies, but by saying bone, I don't know whether these policies really be different from she's a previous government are not thank you, Dr Jones shoe ship professor and director of the center for London American studies at Shanghai University. Come you up his shooting suspect said he wanted all Jews to die? You're listening today. Stay with us. The get speaker with the day..

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