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Correlate is states that deny felons the right to vote. But then make it very easy. Just because of circumstance for a lot more people to become felons. Rain three-strikes rules. I mean. It's a horrible thing. Because there's no scale to it. Right. And there are some states like New Hampshire where as long as you are serving your sentence right for a felony. You're unable to vote. But as soon as all of your sentence has passed you've paid your debt to society. Hey, your debt to society. And that includes let's say you've got five years of probation after two years in jail and five years suspended on two years. Good, babe. Your law, blah, blah, have all of this stuff behind you to wear. No more parole. No more probation. No more. Good time hanging over your head. Right. To the discord where we've got Jean the Christian anarchist calling gene, you're on free talk live. Go ahead with your thoughts. Hello, y'all. I although I hate the criminal Justice system. I just got back from a good movie. And I wanted to to share that we went to see the movie about Queen. Oh, great. Bravo here. Absolutely. Well, he Mian rhapsody was very excellent movie, and you know. I heard a bunch of. Nonsense about the gay people saying that they didn't cover his sexuality, but they covered it quite a. Wait a bit in that movie dodge it. Yeah. Yeah. I don't I don't really know what that was all about. But it was an excellent movie. Of course, I will. Was a young man when Queen was performing and. They were always an excellent excellent band. I think the movie was done very well and Malik guy. Although he comes from the fame of mister robot. He really I think he really nailed that performance. Nice. Have you guys? I I have not yet. It's.

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