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It's going to be a great year complicated, but great people make it overly complicated, actually, the complication. The president talked about is the debate over border security to have a wall as part of border security, and we're working on it. We are now a week and a half into a partial government shutdown House Democrats released their plan to reopen the government without approving money for President Trump's border wall this morning. The president tweeted the problem is without a wall. There can be no real border security. The president also tweeted a happy New Year's message to everyone including the haters and the fake news media, Ed Donahue, Washington. The Catholic church blocked US bishops from taking measures to address the clergy sex abuse candle because US church leaders didn't discuss the legally problematic proposals with the Vatican enough. Beforehand that according to a letter obtained by the Associated Press, the blocks vote stunned Abusir Veivers and other Catholics who were demanding action from US bishops to address clergy, sex abuse and cover up a US citizen arrested in Moscow for allegedly spying was in town for a friend's wedding that according to the family Poland's brother says that the morning of his arrest. He had taken a group of the wedding guests on a tour of the Kremlin, museums and he had been in touch by text throughout the afternoon. But the last time anyone heard from him was at about five pm, and then he failed to show up that evening for the wedding. And this was quite alarming. That is Lynn berry reporting a Russian spy charges. Carry a prison sentence up to twenty years State Department says there are pushing for counselor access to the detained American three people stabbed on New Year's Eve in the.

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